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CEO Brincat to Leave MGA, Regulator on the Lookout for a Successor

The leadership succession plan will see the MGA issue a public call for applications

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) announced that Carl Brincat, its current chief executive officer, will be departing from the regulatory body. In the meantime, the MGA will issue a public call to determine his successor.

According to the MGA, Brincat will not be seeking renewal of his current contract, which is set to expire on January 25, 2024. His yet-to-be-appointed successor is therefore set to step into the office on January 26, 2024.

As mentioned, the leadership succession plan will see the MGA issue a public call for applications. The MGA hopes to ensure a seamless transition of responsibilities from Brincat to his successor.

The MGA also added that prior to stepping into the office, the new CEO will spend several weeks shadowing Brincat.

Brincat: Leaving the MGA Was a “Very Hard Decision to Make”

In the meantime, the Maltese regulator’s board of directors thanked Brincat for his exceptional leadership and contributions. Ryan C. Pace, chairperson of the MGA, lauded Brincat as someone who has contributed a lot to the MGA and the Maltese gaming industry as a whole. Pace said that the MGA team is very thankful for the strong foundation left by Brincat, saying that they will allow the regulator to pursue its strategic goals.

Brincat also commented on his departure, saying that the decision to leave didn’t come easy.

Leaving the MGA is a very hard decision to make. The past 9 years have been a rollercoaster of experiences which contributed to the person I am today, and it has been a privilege to lead the Authority for the past 3 years.

Carl Brincat, outgoing CEO, MGA

Brincat added that he is very proud of the work that he and his team have done together. He praised the people he worked with for their passion and said that he is looking forward to working with them for a few more months.

Brincat also said that he is certain his successor will find the MGA team just as fantastic and will work with the rest of the MGA to drive further improvements. The outgoing CEO concluded that he will continue to follow the future of the MGA with interest.

On a final note, the MGA expressed its commitment to serving the Maltese gaming sector and “unlocking new opportunities for innovation and excellence.

In other news, the MGA just revoked the license of Arabmillionaire Limited.


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