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Method and HyperX Host Separate WoW Classic Parties

  • Method to race for world first raid kills
  • WSOE teams up with Method to broadcast their progress
  • HyperX to host its own broadcast on the occasion of the event

Method to Host a WoW Race to World First for Classic

Days before the launch of World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic, one of the longest-standing competitive organizations in the game, Method, has announced plans to host an official launch party. Method will focus on boosting viewership numbers for the game on Twitch.

The team is partnering up with the World Showdown of Esports (WSOE), a multi-game tournament event host. As a result, Method will do a live coverage of the first several days of WoW which will be broadcast across Method and WSOE’s social media channels. The broadcast will run from August 26 through September 2.

Many influencers, professionals and enthusiasts will all set out on a quest to level up their characters to 60, the highest level in the game, as well as claim victory over the game’s final objective – defeating Ragnaros and Onyxia.

WoW Classic is going to be a huge happening out there, with potentially millions of players coming back to the game. Based on the efforts on Nostalrius and Light’s Hope, two pirated servers to have changed Blizzard’s minds about launching a WoW Classic server, this is completely reasonable.

Meanwhile, Method GM ShannaDarrieRoberts had this to say about the upcoming event:

Being able to bring the Classic Race To World First to the WSOE calendar of events in Las Vegas is incredibly exciting for all of us at Method. After three Race To World First events in Europe, it feels fantastic to bring an event to U.S. Soil. The passion of the Classic WoW fanbase is unparalleled and we are confident that Estars Studios is going to help us not only live up to the expectations of the fans, but exceed them.”

Method will compete in slightly different conditions this time around. Instead of racing through the content with geared characters, Method will have to instead gear themselves up and farm from scratch, including levelling their “toons”.

The live event will reunite a number of players who have been able to garner a solid following throughout the years and are known for their personalities or simply skill level at the game. Some of the names participating include “Esfand” and Scott “Sco” McMillan, Mike “Preach” Lamb, JB “Jdotb” Daniel, and Adam “Finalboss” Knych, and others.

Come Play WoW at HyperX

Apparently, WoW Classic is a perfect opportunity for gaming venues to attract large crowds. Therefore HyperX is staging its HyperX Kickoff to WoW on Thursday and the event wll be filmed at the HtyperX Arena in Las Vegas.

The broadcast will start from 11:00 AM and continue until 3:30 PM PST on Monday, August 26 hours ahead of the game’s launch.

World of Warcraft Classic launches in the afternoon of August 26 in the Western Hemisphere and in the early hours of August 27 in the Eastern Hemisphere.


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