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Merkur Slots Opened New £200K Entertainment Center in the UK

Merkur Slots, the land-based casino division of Merkur Group, announced it has opened an adult gaming venue in Spalding this week as part of the group’s nationwide £10 million ($11.3 million) investment plan.

Low-Stake Gaming, High-Level Entertainment

The new gaming hall opened its doors In Spalding town center after a £200,000 ($226,000) renovation of the Hall Place store that was formerly Dorothy Perkins. Merkur invested in renovating the store, having the initial rejection for a change of use by the South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee overturned by a planning inspector.

“We pride ourselves on our continued investment in UK high streets,” said Mark Schertle, chief operating officer of Merkur Slots’ parent company Merkur Casino UK, outlining that the investment would enable the group “to support the local community and economy in Spalding” by creating new jobs.

“Every new venue we open creates an average of 10 new local jobs and having created 400 in 2021, we are aiming to create a further 600 in 2022,” he continued, adamant that “this new state-of-the-art entertainment center” will provide “a unique gaming experience in an environment that reflects the scale of investment.”

According to the information provided by a spokesman for the company, the new Hall Place gaming hall features casino-style slot machines and bingo, with the emphasis placed on low stake gaming, payouts up to £500 ($565) and “an extensive library of new and classic games,” while all players will enjoy unlimited free refreshments.

Investment Program To-Date

The new Merkur Slots venue in Lincolnshire opened to the public less than a week after the company opened a similar gaming hall in Bradford, Yorkshire, as a display of the company’s determination to meet its investment program targets.

Merkur Slots began opening new entertainment centers in May when the company announced its first £1.2 million ($1.36 million) investment for six new gaming halls located in Aberdeen, Blackpool, Crawley, Kidderminster, Rayners Lane, and Taunton, creating 60 new jobs in the process.

In August, Merkur Slots opened five new entertainment centers in Sunderland, Stockton-on-Tees, Streatham, Dover, and Brierly Hill, having invested an additional £1 million ($1.13 million) in UK high streets and created 50 new jobs.

The newly opened venue in Spalding is the 13th entertainment center Merkur Slots has opened this year as part of its investment program, bringing the total investment to £2.6 million ($2.94 million).

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