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Merkur Closes 2022 with a £12,000 Charity Donation

Merkur Group UK announced a new £12,000 to three charities during the holiday season

Gaming operator Merkur Group UK announced several new donations for the holiday season, distributing £12,000 ($14,500) to three worthy causes. The company regularly invests in such initiatives, focusing on typically overlooked causes. Merkur maintains a significant presence in the UK and has repeatedly expressed its dedication to fostering a safe gaming environment and reinvesting in the community.

Merkur Focuses on Overlooked Causes

Merkur UK’s primary charity-focused efforts happen through its Merkur Initiative program. The charity drive finds worthy causes by consulting local staff and customers, with venues across the country contributing to the company’s community-focused efforts. COO Mark Schertle noted that the operator focused on smaller, more personal stories that might not necessarily draw much attention.

The causes that our venues are working with are those that typically might not attract support from the business world.

Mark Schertle, COO of Merkur Group UK

In its opening year of 2021, Merkur UK made 44 charity awards, focusing on smaller causes that nonetheless made a notable impact. Director of public and political relations Tony Boulton stated that charities and events with personal significance to a staff member or a customer usually had priority, assuming all due diligence checks were in order. He reiterated the operator’s goal to support local communities, focusing on the crucial role of Merkur venues.

Three Deserving Charities Received Support

Merkur used the closing days of 2022 to reward £12,000 to three more deserving charities. Action for Children focuses on helping vulnerable children and young people, focusing on family support, fostering programs, youth support initiatives, and education. Merkur will donate gifts for over 220 vulnerable children, reflecting the number of its UK venues. 

FareShare’s primary focus is relieving food poverty and reducing food waste. The organization partners closely with food retailers to distribute food that would have otherwise gone to waste to families in need. Merkur will contribute enough funds to feed 2,100 families of four during the entire holiday period, matching the number of its employees.

Last but not least, Willen Hospice will receive Christmas and Boxing Day meals for all its patients and nursing staff members. The organization cares for end-of-life patients and their families, helping people make the most of their remaining time with their loved ones.

The UK Remains a Crucial Market for Merkur

Despite its relatively recent entry into the UK market, Merkur has already established a substantial presence in the island nation, rapidly opening new venues across the country. The company’s newest location at Spalding opened in October, marking another step in the operator’s ambitious £10 million ($11.3 million) nationwide investment plan. 

Merkur used the opportunity to draw attention to its positive impact on local communities. The company focused on the new jobs created by its venues and its ongoing mission to provide unique gaming and entertainment experiences. Merkur’s charity work is another vital part of its strategy, boosting its image and name recognition while aiding worthy causes.

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