June 23, 2023 2 min read


Meridianbet Brings Blinking to Boost AML and KYC Identifications

The sports betting brand is doubling down on its commitment to stronger regulatory and consumer protection measures

To this end, Meridianbet has teamed up with Blinking, a player registration and verification service that will ensure that all necessary KYC and AML measures are carried up to the highest standards.

Onboarding in a Safe, Quick, and Business-Efficient Way

This measure allows Meridianbet to derive particular business gains as it would be able to onboard customers quickly while also making sure that every player let onto the platform meets the necessary legal standards to access its products.

Meridian has more than 20 years of experience and is considered a leader in the provision of sports wagering and iGaming solutions, which is all the more reason for the company to want to strengthen its commitment to player protection and ensure that its business runs in accordance with all legal prerequisites.

Blinking is able to carry out and ensure 100% compliance with existing KYC and AML standards in 15 markets and is hailed as a reliable partner by the company. The processes used by Blinking are fast, secure, and efficient and they help facilitate player registration and verification quickly and easily.

The provider even uses biometric face verification which further limits the chances of fraudulent onboarding and activities. Meridian Gaming, which owns Meridianbet is committed to making sure that all customers on its platforms are of the legal age and verified players who comply with legal requirements.

Commenting on this opportunity, Blinking COO Milos Milovanovic said that Blinking Identify, which is the company’s proprietary product, helps businesses strengthen their practices and guarantee a better and more responsible betting environment for their players.

“The KYC process is important not only due to regulatory requirements but also to preserve the integrity of sports betting and ensure a safe environment for players,” Milanovic explained.

Compliance Is an Indelible Part of the Business Success of a Brand

He argued that betting companies that implement KYC successfully demonstrate their commitment to responsible gambling, but also help achieve better business synergies and results.

Meridian Gaming COO Marija Teodosic was similarly excited about the opportunity to work with Blinking. Teodosic hailed the technological solution offered by the company and its effectiveness in guaranteeing full regulatory compliance.

“Meridian Gaming is thrilled to be embarking on this collaboration with Blinking. Their innovative technological solution aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing secure and efficient gaming experiences while staying fully compliant regulatory-wise,” the COO concluded.


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