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Mavericks’ Ownership Shift Sparks Speculation on Texas Gambling Expansion

The Adelson family, recognized for their active involvement in politics and substantial financial capabilities, may serve as a crucial force in advocating for the expansion of gambling

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has sold a majority stake in the NBA team to the Adelson family from Las Vegas. The family, known for its significant role in the casino industry, particularly through the Las Vegas Sands, has raised eyebrows and fueled speculations about the future of legalized gambling and sports betting in Texas.

Mark Cuban’s Maverick Move Sets Texas on a New Course

Mark Cuban, a vocal advocate for legalizing gambling in Texas to introduce resort casinos, has faced obstacles in the past. However, industry experts believe that this unexpected transfer of ownership might be the catalyst needed to spur action from Texas lawmakers, reported The Dallas Morning News.

Analysts point out that Texas, one of the largest states yet to legalize casino gambling or sports betting, presents a lucrative market. With a passionate sports fanbase and a burgeoning population, proponents argue that Texas, and Dallas in particular, could be ideal locations for the establishment of casinos and gambling enterprises.

The Texas Sports Betting Alliance, citing a report from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, estimates that over $8 billion is illegally bet in Texas annually, contributing to a global sports betting market valued at nearly $77 billion in 2021. These figures, coupled with the approximately $5 billion Texans spend annually in neighboring states and Las Vegas, highlight the untapped potential within the state.

Mark Cuban, in his vision for the future, has expressed the belief that Texas lacks attractive destinations, making it less appealing to tourists. He envisions resort gaming as a game-changer, a sentiment echoed by experts who foresee the potential for a boost in gambling tourism, drawing visitors from cities like Dallas and San Antonio.

Adelson Family’s Political and Financial Influence Could Transform Texas Gaming

The Adelson family, known for its political activism and significant financial resources, could play a pivotal role in pushing for gambling expansion. Miriam Adelson, the majority stakeholder in Las Vegas Sands, and widow of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, has a net worth estimated at $33 billion, providing the family with the means to advocate for legislative changes.

While challenges exist, including opposition from figures like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, experts remain optimistic about the potential benefits of legalized gambling. Revenue generated from gaming could address various long-term challenges facing the rapidly expanding state, such as educational opportunities, infrastructure development, and healthcare.

If Texas were to embrace casino gambling and sports betting, it could attract major players like the Adelsons and prompt a rush of investments from companies eager to capitalize on the market. While competing with established gambling hubs like Las Vegas may be a distant goal, experts believe that legalizing gambling in Texas could elevate Dallas’s international profile, attracting visitors from Latin America, Canada, and Asia. The ripple effect could benefit not only the Mavericks but also other local teams, turning arenas and casinos into powerful economic generators.


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