October 5, 2022 3 min read


Maverick Gaming Inks New Partnership with Acres

Maverick Gaming, a growing gaming company, announced a new casino gaming solutions partnership with Acres Manufacturing Company

Maverick Gaming Taps into Acres’ Leading Solutions

The terms of the new strategic deal announced Wednesday will see Maverick Gaming implement Acres’ leading CMS+ and Cashless Casino technology solutions. The two solutions currently leverage Acres’ innovative platform called Foundation. Although the agreement was inked recently, the two solutions are expected to be introduced at Maverick Gaming’s venues in the first half of next year. With that in mind, the launching of the solutions is subject to regulatory approval.

Our team has rigorously evaluated a wide range of CMS and cashless technologies and found that Acres’ CMS+ and Cashless Casino applications are an ideal fit with our casino floor operations.

Justin Beltram, COO of Maverick Gaming

Justin Beltram, Maverick Gaming’s COO, revealed that the company conducted a prolonged analysis of different cashless and CMS (casino management system) solutions. According to him, in the end, the solutions offered by Acres were deemed the perfect fit for the company’s retail operations. Beltram added that the company is excited to join forces with Acres and is looking forward to leveraging their leading technology. In conclusion, he acknowledged that Acres’ solutions are expected to boost the experience for visitors of Maverick Gaming’s properties.

We are excited to get to work with the team from Acres to deploy their technology and look forward to delivering an elevated gaming entertainment experience to our guests as enabled by these new solutions,

added Beltram

Currently, Maverick Gaming has a team of more than 3,000 professionals and it owns and operates 27 different properties located in Washington, Nevada and Colorado. The company’s properties feature more than 350 table games, as well as 1,800 slot machines. 

Acres’ Solutions Help Operators Grow

Acres’ leading CMS+ solution seeks to enhance player engagement. At the same time, the solution leverages unique cost-saving options which in turn create efficiencies for the operators. Thanks to CMS+ and the Foundation platform, operators receive real-time data. This allows them to quickly identify faults in machines on the casino floor and deploy technicians where needed. On the other hand, Acres’ Cashless Casino application is an award-winning solution. It can be implemented for any table game or slot machine. The only requirement for the operator is to select a mobile app as well as a payment processor.

We are excited that Maverick Gaming has placed their trust in the revolutionary capabilities provided by Foundation and selected our CMS+ and Cashless Casino apps for deployment.

Noah Acres, of Acres Manufacturing Company

Noah Acres, a member of Acres, revealed that the company is excited to join forces with Maverick Gaming. He pointed out that the two solutions help operators to grow and operate efficiently. At the same time, Acres pointed out that the solutions are easy to implement. Last but not least, he predicted that Maverick Gaming’s properties will quickly see the benefits of the Cashless Casino and CMS+ solutions.


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