October 16, 2023 2 min read


Mattress Mack May Bank $43.4M If Houston Astros Win World Series

The passionate sports fan and furniture chain owner placed multiple wagers that would result in a hefty win if the Houston-based team wins the 2023 World Series

The owner of a Houston-based furniture chain called Gallery Furniture and passionate sports fan, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, once again showed support for the Houston Astros, the famous American professional baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB). McIngvale is a longtime supporter of the popular MLB team and thanks to their win of the 2022 World Series, he banked a staggering $75 million. While that correct guess got him the staggering win, but has once again placed wagers on the Astros.

Overall, McIngvale placed $6.9 million in wagers on the Astros to win the 2023 World Series. If that guess turns out as a correct one, the furniture store owner can collect a mouth-watering $43.4 million payout. The total $6.9 million in wagers breaks down to a pre-American League Division Series (ALDS) bet of $2 million at +450 odds that would grant McIngvale a $9 million payout if the Astros win.

Additionally, he placed a $1.9 million wager at +600 odds that would grant him $11.4 million, along with a $2 million bet at +600 odds that is expected to bring him $12 million given that the popular MLB Houston-based team wins the 2023 World Series. Last but not least, McIngvale also placed a $1 million wager at +1100 odds that would bring him an $11 million payout.

Mattress Mack Is a Passionate Bettor

Throughout the years, Mattress Mack has wagered millions on the Astros. While the Houston-based team still can undoubtedly become the new World Series champion, it still faces long odds to hit a consecutive win. Notably, the New York Yankees is one of the teams that has secured a consequent World Series win. In fact, the famous team won the Series in 1998, 1999 and 2000. However, after this winning streak, their next win was in 2009 and they haven’t been named World Series champions since.

While McIngvale scored a lot of wins as a sports bettor, he also had some losses. For example, the win of the Los Angeles Rams for the Super Bowl LVI last year resulted in a loss for the famous bettor who placed a wager on the Cincinnati Bengals. Still, that loss hasn’t made McIngvale less passionate about wagering and he even offers a unique promotion within his furniture store tied to the Astros’ win of the World Series.


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