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Massachusetts Player Wins $1M Playing Fabulous Fortune

In the meantime, two $1 million prizes and two jackpot prizes of $4 million still remain

A Massachusetts State Lottery player has won one million playing a scratch game, lottery officials announced. According to the state lottery operator, the player in question was playing the Fabulous Fortune scratch-off game.

Fabulous Fortune tickets cost $10 and offer players a shot at a jackpot of $4 million. The winning ticket, the Massachusetts State Lottery said, was purchased at a Liquor Mart store in Attleboro, a small town in southern Massachusetts. The prize was claimed Tuesday, officials confirmed.

According to the Massachusetts State Lottery, there are still two $1 million prizes remaining, providing up to two other Fabulous Fortune players with a shot at becoming millionaires. For reference, the chances of drawing a ticket with such a prize stand at approximately 1 in 1,680,000, according to the lottery.

In the meantime, two jackpot prizes of $4 million still remain. According to the lottery, the odds of winning the Fabulous Fortune jackpot are 1 in 5,040,000.

Other Recent Jackpot Winners

In the meantime, a ticket purchased at Alltown in Saugus won a $100,000 prize. The scratch ticket in question was for the $100,000 Power Shot game.

In other news, a person from Maryland just won $100,000 with a $10 scratch-off ticket. The winner, a computer programmer from Laurel, found himself holding a top-prize-winning Money Drop scratch-off ticket after a purchase made on a whim. The player, who preferred to remain anonymous, bought the ticket at a gas station located at 7801 Old Sandy Spring Road in Laurel.

Speaking of jackpot prizes, the Illinois Lottery’s Ultimate Diamond Jackpot top prize just reached $1.6 million, promising to turn the next winner into a millionaire. The eventual winner will also get additional bragging rights by becoming the winner of the biggest Fast Play jackpot ever handed in the state.

Elsewhere, a NSW lotto winner who just won an AUD 13 million jackpot said that he will continue to work despite the win. The man said he would help his family while also using some of the money he won for his business.

In the meantime, a fortunate Bitcasino player demonstrated the benefits of consistency by winning three big prizes over the course of the same week. In total, the player won $5 million in USDT playing the same game – Gates of Bitcasino.


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