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Marker Trax Introduces Cashless Credit to Graton Casino & Resort

One of the biggest innovators in the land-based casino sector has introduced a cashless credit feature to a brand-new property

Graton Casino & Resort in Rohnert Park, California will have the opportunity to now issue a line of credit to its players through this new advanced product. The cashless credit offering by Marker Trax is touted as a sound way to ensure the growth and sustainability of the gaming industry.

Marker Trax Introduces Cashless Solutions to Graton Casino & Resort

Thanks to Marker Trax’s offer, the resort will significantly improve the experiences for its customers. The tech company is also going to look into improving the loyalty program and build and solidify its customer base. Commenting on this new opportunity, Marker Trax president Charlie Skinner added:

We’re particularly excited for this partnership with Graton, because not only do we have the opportunity to help bring another operator into the cashless credit realm, but we’re also in the unique position of helping them introduce credit at their resort for the very first time.

Marker Trax president Charlie Skinner

Graton Resort & Casino president and general manager Lana Rivera has welcomed this opportunity and said that with the introduction of the Resort Wallet and Fast Funds by Marker Trax guests will be able to access credit and cash while enjoying their gambling activities uninterrupted.

“One of the central innovations we can offer our guests is the ability to easily and efficiently obtain credit while using a digital wallet system, and Marker Trax has helped us achieve both,” Rivera added.

Streamlining the User Experience and Boosting Loyalty

The partnership has another important implication as this is the first time that Marker Trax has integrated its product with the Mobile+, Powered by Joingo solution. Marker Trax makes it easy to provide advanced payment and gaming options for customers of casinos.

Graton Resort & Casino is also happy to benefit from the collaboration, becoming an ambassador for cashless solutions that have been known to significantly boost the comfort of players. Then again, the property is not going to phase out cash, but use these digital solutions as a complementary offer.

Marker Trax previously signed a partnership with Table Trac to introduce cashless payment. The deal also involved Koin Payments.


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