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Light & Wonder Introduces Its Kascada Slots in Macau

Light & Wonder has broken important ground in Macau, bringing some of its prominent cabinets to the Asian gaming hub

This is the first time that the Australian gaming supplier has had the opportunity to launch the Kascada Dual Screen and Kascada Portrait solutions in Macau. Light & Wonder has so far refrained from specifying where the cabinets can be found, not volunteering the names of the partner-integrated resorts.

Light & Wonder Rolls the Kascada Cabinets with Macau Properties

The cabinets bring a ton of excellent games with them, however. Among those are Coin Combo, Duō Fú Duō Cái Grand, Hyper Horse and Carnival Cow, along with Ignotcha and Dragons. The cabinets come with slick features, easy gameplay, and highly-rewarding prize pools and jackpots.

Light & Wonder VP and managing director Asia Ken Jolly welcome this new opportunity to introduce the company’s advanced products in the jurisdiction and create even more exciting experiences for local gamblers and guests:

We are very excited to see the initial installs of both the Kascada vertical and dual screen cabinets in Macau, featuring fan-favorites, Coin Combo and Duō Fú Duō Cái Grand, as well as additional game content Light & Wonder creators designed specifically for the Asian Market.

Light & Wonder VP and managing director Asia Ken Jolly

Jolly said that the company was very excited to be introducing these new cabinets and was keen to showcase the value that they bring to the customer experience and partner venues. The cabinets offer a high-resolution gaming experience and an ample selection of games. The Kascada Portrait is a 43” double-curve ultra-high-definition cabinet that has a strong immersive pull and is one of the best-performing solutions by the company.

The latest rollout of brand-new products with integrated resorts in Macau also aligns with Light & Wonder’s ambitious global strategy to drive stronger financial performance over the next couple of years.


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