June 19, 2020 3 min read


Mandatory Loss Limits and Minimum Spin Speed Among New Regulations Proposed by UKGC

Following an update on the Industry Challenges initiative, the UKGC has proposed new measures towards safer gambling.

Gambling Industry “Challenges Initiative” Receives an Update

The UK Gambling Commission has posted an update on its “Industry Challenges” initiative. The initiative, which was launched back in October, now has an updated paper published by the UKGC. The initiative’s prime purpose was to find a way to make gambling safer for consumers, including gambling for vulnerable groups. In order to do so, the Industry Challenges initiative had to oversee the following areas:

  • VIP schemes and incentives for high value clients
  • Product and game design
  • Methods for protection of vulnerable groups and children when advertising online

Each area had a designated work group which would analyze results, focus on the area and ultimately cooperate with the Gambling Commission in order to reach the goal which is safer gambling. The most recent update of the initiative outlines the results of the workgroups. Based on those, the Gambling Commission proposed mandatory loss limits and minimum and spin speed per session. In addition, the commission points out the importance of having players informed regarding their wins/losses as well as the time played.

The Gambling Commission’s Plan for Safer Gambling

In the most recent update of the Industry Challenges, the Gambling Commission said that it is currently developing a plan in terms of the measures which will ensure safer gambling. The Commission noted that since some games may require a re-design, it vowed to publish the full “Code” by September 30. The Gambling Commission’s plan towards safer gambling will include multiple elements.

First of all, mandatory loss limits were proposed. All slots will receive a minimum of 2.5 seconds of spin speed was proposed. In addition, slot games are proposed to be stripped of the turbo, quick spin, slam stop and other similar features which reduce the spin time. Next in line – the multiple screen options will be disabled. Furthermore, the Gambling Commission suggested players to be informed on game-specific details. Such details would include the wins and losses, time played and additional details on the game which is played and other important information concerning their play.

As the commission noted that it plans to implement some of the proposed measures by September, it said that license conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) discussion will be launched before the end of June. The BGC noted that some of the proposed changes can be launched earlier but did not specify further details or dates. With that being said, it’s important to mention that earlier this week, UK MPs proposed new restrictive gambling measures. This however quickly got the attention of the industry which rejected the proposed measures under the pretext that the market in the country is already heavily regulated.


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