Man Suspected of Stealing $1M from Poker Pro Goes to Jail

A 32-year-old male, allegedly involved in a burglary from the home of the professional poker player Chad Power, was arrested and sent to jail earlier this week. Brock Brewer, Las Vegas resident, is one of two people who are suspected to have stolen $1 million in cash and poker chips from the poker pro back in February.

LV Resident Goes to Jail over Suspicion for Involvement in a Home Invasion

A Las Vegas resident was arrested earlier this week by Clark County police officers. Brock Brewer, 32, was arrested and jailed over suspicion to be related to a burglary at the home of the poker pro Chad Power, dating back to February this year. During the home invasion that happened on February 10, roughly $1 million went missing from Power’s home in Las Vegas.

Back then, Las Vegas Review-Journal confirmed that the police report noted that the poker pro had a safe with “approximately $750,000 in cash in $100 bill denominations, mostly organized into $50,000 bricks,” that went missing. Furthermore, some $250,000 in high-value poker chips also went missing from the safe following the burglary.

Allegedly, Brewer was one of two men that carried out the home invasion at Power’s home in Henderson. On the day of the break-in, the poker pro left his home and headed to play poker. At some point, Power received an alert from his security system, but by the time he went home, the robbery was already completed. With that in mind, two men without masks were captured by security surveillance fleeing Power’s property.

The Suspect’s Hearing Is Set for June 1

After his arrest on Tuesday, Brewer was charged with 8 felonies related to the home invasion. His charges include conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit home invasion, and theft of $100,000 or more. Furthermore, Brewer is also charged with home invasion with possession of a deadly weapon, two counts of gun possession when prohibited, and burglary with possession of a deadly weapon.

Here, it is important to mention that although Brewer is a suspect in the home invasion investigation his guilt is yet to be proved. His bond is set at $200,000 and currently, he remains incarcerated at a detention center in Clark County. Brewer’s hearing is expected to take place ten days from now on June 1.

Besides the most recent arrest, Brewer has been previously arrested over similar crimes back in 2006. Back then, some $15,000 in cash and poker chips went missing from a professional poker player. Consequently, Brewer was identified as a suspect for that crime. He was then charged with conspiracy, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. Consequently, Brewer was sentenced to two to five years.

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