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Malta Gaming Authority Releases Positive H1 2023 Performance Report

The report, available for public viewing, highlights various aspects of the Authority's activities and the industry's overall performance during the reviewed period

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) unveiled its Interim Performance Report for the first half of 2023, shedding light on its achievements and offering insights into the state of the Maltese gaming industry. 

MGA Demonstrates Vigilance in Enforcing Fair Play and Rigorous Oversight

The MGA demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a fair and regulated gaming environment through rigorous supervisory activities. In the first half of 2023, the Authority conducted 14 compliance audits and 85 desktop reviews. As a result of these audits, the MGA imposed nine administrative penalties, totaling an impressive €124,400 ($136,214).

Collaborating with the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU), the MGA conducted 11 Compliance Examinations, contributing significantly to the identification and rectification of regulatory violations. The FIAU imposed administrative penalties amounting to €599,420 ($656,366) on three licensees based on violations discovered in previous examinations. One of the fines, amounting to €229,000 ($242,500) was imposed on Casino Malta in March.

Ensuring player welfare remained a priority, with the MGA assisting 2,216 players who sought help during H1 2023. In addition, the Authority conducted 40 responsible gambling website checks, proactively ensuring that licensees complied with legal requirements. 

Furthermore, 16 observation letters were issued, pinpointing potential areas for improvement within the gaming industry.

MGA’s Interim Report Reveals €810.7M Boost to Malta’s Economy

The report highlighted the significant positive impact of the gaming industry on the Maltese economy. With a total gross added value (GAV) of €810.7 million ($887.7 million) for H1 2023, the gaming sector contributed approximately 9.5% to the economy’s GVA. When indirect effects were considered, this figure rose to an impressive 12.2%.

The MGA maintained a robust evaluation process for gaming license applications, assessing a total of 16 applications during the first half of the year. Out of these, seven were granted, underscoring the high standards upheld by the Authority. However, eight applications faced rejection or withdrawal, emphasizing the stringent criteria applied by the MGA.

International collaboration played a pivotal role in the MGA’s activities, with 12 requests for information received from enforcement agencies, sports governing bodies, integrity units, and other regulatory authorities. This resulted in 17 data exchanges and the receipt of 166 allegations of suspicious betting.

The release of the Interim Performance Report coincided with the appointment of Charles Mizzi as the new chief executive of the MGA. Set to assume office on January 26, Mizzi will succeed Charles Brincat, marking a new chapter for the Authority.

Despite challenges, the report outlined a positive outlook for the Maltese gaming industry, with expectations of continued growth and innovation. Investors ranked gaming, tourism, and leisure as top sectors for the next five years, with online operators anticipating revenue growth and employment increases.


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