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Maine May Go Live with Sports Betting by Thanksgiving

After legalizing sports betting last spring, the state may launch its market by November this year, the head of the gambling regulator reveals

Five years since the repeal of PASPA by the US Supreme Court, sports betting is now available in different forms in more than 30 US states. In general, the interest in the activity in its mobile form is more popular and that doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the flexibility mobile devices offer.

Maine legalized its sports betting market last year, but legislators are still in the process of drafting the rules prior to the launch of the activity. Now, a new report suggests that legal sports betting may be launched later this year, just in time for Thanksgiving.

As reported by Central Maine, Maine Gambling Control Unit’s head, Milton Champion, confirmed during a recent interview that sports betting may become a reality in the state at some by this November. Speaking about the drafted rules, he noted that the initial version has received nearly 600 public comments, which prompted a review.

Now, the new rules introduce significant changes to the proposed regulatory framework, easing the advertising requirements for example. The initial version of the regulatory framework for sports betting proposed restrictions for advertising that did not allow celebrities to participate in materials related to gambling. However, the revised version of the regulations excluded that option, with the only requirement in place mandating celebrities that engage in gambling advertising not to appeal to underage individuals.

According to the chair of the Gambling Control Board, Seven Silver, the new rules related to advertising are “a lot more reasonable.” He explained that the revised regulation when it comes to advertising “have softened quite a bit, which may make them more palatable.”

Launch of the Market Expected by November

Speaking about the recent draft of the rules, Champion noted: “I think we have a good product at this point.” However, as with the first draft of the regulation, the revised rules would need to undergo public comments, which is a process that is open until June 16, 2023. Still, Champion said that he doesn’t see a reason why the new rules won’t gain further traction.

Best-case scenario, mid-November, we could go live. We could be live by Thanksgiving.

Milton Champion, head of the Maine Gambling Control Unit

The head of the Maine Gambling Control Unit predicted that if everything goes as planned, the state may go live with sports betting by Thanksgiving this year. He explained that the revised rules can undergo a review by the Attorney General, who can take up to 120 days before granting approval.

An important part of the process prior to the launch of the market would be licensing of the operators. Champion noted that gambling operators that want to enter the sports betting market should consider applying for a license soon.

So far only Caesars has shown high interest in the betting market in Maine. Yet, Champion noted that his office is yet to receive applications from sports betting operators. Last but not least, he spoke about the complexity of the process when approving a license and urged operators not to wait.


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