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Macau Police Apprehend Mainland Suspect in Casino Resort Murder

The suspect was apprehended late on Thursday night after attempting to flee back to the mainland

Macau authorities have identified a 44-year-old mainland Chinese man as the prime suspect in the murder case that unfolded at the notorious casino resort The Parisian Macao earlier this week. Macau’s Judiciary Police (PJ) and Public Security Police Force have revealed that the motive behind the crime appears to be an argument over money.

Macau Officials Reveal Disturbing Details of Casino Resort Murder Case

During a press conference held on Friday afternoon, Macau officials provided further details about the incident, as reported by Asgam. The victim, a 27-year-old man, and the suspect were known to each other and were staying in the same hotel room. The murder occurred on May 4 when the victim entered the room. The suspect entered the room around 5 am and departed two hours later, carrying luggage.

Based on preliminary investigations, it has been determined that a dispute over money took place between the suspect and the victim inside the hotel room. The suspect allegedly killed the victim during the altercation and proceeded to steal cash, a mobile phone, and a gold ring before fleeing the scene. He managed to escape to mainland China through QingMao Port.

Local authorities were alerted to the incident around 5 pm on Thursday and promptly initiated an investigation. With the assistance of mainland police, the suspect was swiftly identified, and his whereabouts were determined. At 11 pm, mainland police successfully apprehended the suspect in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province.

The Main Suspect Admitted to the Assault

Following his arrest, the suspect admitted to assaulting the deceased but remained silent about the details of the subsequent events that unfolded. It has been revealed that the victim was a member of a notorious money exchange gang and was carrying HKD170,000 ($21,662) in cash at the time of the incident. The suspect allegedly used a water bottle to strike the victim, causing a laceration to the head, before proceeding to strangle the victim with his hands.

The accused has now been formally charged with homicide, aggravated homicide, and robbery. The investigation into the case continues as authorities gather further evidence and work towards bringing the suspect to justice.

Despite such cases, Macau witnessed a decline in gambling-related crimes in 2022, thanks in part to reduced tourist numbers. Secretary of Security Wong Sio Chak revealed in March that 371 cases were reported, down 41.6% from the previous year. 

Offenses included fraud, disorderly conduct, loan sharking, theft, and improper appropriation. Mainland China and its SARs were the primary origins of offenders, with minimal involvement from Hong Kong. While gambling-related crimes remain significant, Macau anticipates a strong economic recovery, aiming for $16 billion in gross gaming revenue by 2023.


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