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Hofstra Slams Las Vegas Sands’ NY Casino Plans

Hofstra president Susan Poser argues that the casino might have short-term benefits but will hurt the community in the long term

The conflict between Las Vegas Sands and Hofstra University continues. More than a month after submitting an open letter concerning the proposed construction of Sands casino resort at the Nassau Coliseum site in New York, the university urged local lawmakers to block the construction.

As reported by, Hofstra’s president, Susan Poser, believes that the casino will hurt the local community. In addition, she says that the Nassau Hub is simply not an appropriate place for an integrated resort as it may spark intense traffic, crime, pollution and gambling problems in the area.

Poser also noted that the Nassau Hub has many students who are considered to be a demographic that is vulnerable to gambling harm. Considering that the planned casino will be close to Hofstra University, Nassau Community College and Kellenberg Memorial High School. In addition, there are other learning establishments in the vicinity.

As a professional educator, I entreat you to weigh the risks to our youth posed by placing a casino in the heart of a local university community and near many other schools with students ranging from preschool through high school.

Susan Poser, president, Hofstra University

Not Worth It in the Long Term, Poser Says

In addition to the dangers the casino will pose to this cluster of learning establishments, it will also be a problem for the area and the nearby Uniondale, Hempstead and Roosevelt, which are predominantly minority and lower-income neighborhoods.

People from poorer areas tend to be more vulnerable to crime, multiple studies suggest. Furthermore, the casino vicinity will likely see a boom in crime and drug distribution.

Instead of building a casino, Poser proposes establishing a tech and life sciences hub. She noted that she doubts the potential Nassau property will be beneficial in the long term, although she conceded that there might be short-term economic gains.

Poser also scrutinized Sands’ intentions to return to the US market after selling its Las Vegas properties and focusing on Asia.

Supporters Refuted Hofstra’s Claims

Sharing his thoughts on Poser’s points, Nassau Country executive Bruce Blakeman said promised the Nassau County Police will be paid by Sands to protect the area from crime. He noted that the venue will be a luxurious entertainment venue rather than a run-down 70s casino.

Las Vegas Sands, meanwhile, said that even if Hofstra University does not approve of its integrated resort plans, there are plenty of organizations, including other learning establishments, that support the development.

Even if Sands secures the community’s backing, it is yet to officially receive a license in the state. New York is expected to hand three licenses to casino operators.


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