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Luckbox Appoints Growth Guru Bo Wänghammar to Board

Luckbox, one of the leading iGaming and betting companies, has brought on Bo Wänghammar to the company’s board of directors as the brand prepares to significantly scale its product offering this year and reach new performance records. He will be taking over Mike Stevens.

Building up for Success with Luckbox

Wänghammar is an important addition to Luckbox’s long-term strategy as he has held various high-ranking positions throughout his career in the iGaming industry making him a perfect match for Luckbox’s own strategic objectives.

The member of the board has worked for renowned brands such as PokerStars and Mr Green giving him ample experience and familiarity with how iGaming works and what drives consumer acquisition, strong financial results, and sustainable growth. Wänghammar is joining a number of other executives who are supporting Luckbox’s efforts, including CEO Thomas Rosander and Real Luck Group Board Maruf Raza and Lloyd Melnick, along with Drew Green.

His arrival at the board of directors was welcomed by fellow executives and the wider staff at Luckbox. Rosander believes that Wänghammar has what it takes to assist Luckbox in accomplishing one of its most important achievements this year, which is better user acquisition.

Luckbox stated earlier this year that it would be looking to grow its customer base, after completing an initial period of building up its product and going through several C-level changes, including a new chief executive. Rosander added:

“This is an exciting stage for the company as we look to scale our user acquisition efforts and revenues and I believe his experience and guidance will be invaluable to Real Luck’s growth strategy.”

Luckbox CEO Thomas Rosander

Wänghammar Has Track Record of Scaling Businesses

Rosander is also confident that Wänghammar’s past experience can have a positive impact on Luckbox’s current operational result. He specifically spoke about the man’s PokerStars’ stint which resulted in the doubling of revenues to over $500 million under his oversight.

He similarly praised the man’s results achieved with the Mr Green brand which was able to not only expand its offering quickly but also to achieve profitability during his time at the helm. Wänghammar seems to have the knowledge and skillset needed to make a difference in bringing Luckbox to the very top.

Luckbox is also competing with other similar companies and Rivalry in particular. The company was set up as an esports-centric betting experience first, but Luckbox decided to scale its technological solutions and lend them to other verticals of the gambling experience.

As a result, the company has been focusing on casino games and sports betting along with its core esports betting product.

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