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LPGA Players Share Thoughts on the Introduction of Betting

The Ladies Professional Golf Association recently entered into a partnership with online bookmaker BetMGM. The multi-year deal will put BetMGM in the position of LPGA’s official betting operator. We are yet to learn about the finer details of the deal as they haven’t been made public yet. 

However, as this marks the first time the association has collaborated with a gambling operator, the LPGA players came out to share their thoughts on the matter. And they seem to be pretty receptive, judging from interviews held by Golf Digest

Betting as a Way to Popularize Women’s Golf

Professional player Melissa Reid is known as a passionate betting enjoyer. She is firm in her belief that people have an inherent love for the thrill of betting and will bet on whatever available. Reid hopes that ladies’ golf will be just as exciting to bettors as other sports.

Danielle Kang, a player, backed by MGM Resorts sponsorship, is sure that betting will improve interest rates in the LPGA. She emphasized that golf is a gambling sport at its core and that accepting this will be beneficial to the golf industry as a whole.

Kang’s wish is for people to sincerely enjoy golf, no matter if they are playing or betting.  “That’s what golf is. You always play for something,” the LPGA professional said. 

Golf Leagues Should Look Out for Fraudulent Bettors

As beneficial as betting is, it often attracts not just enthusiasts but people who want to exploit it for benefit as well. 

Just some days ago, Golf Channel started including odds that benefit bettors into its broadcasts. However, this increases the danger of some less honest bettors looking for fraudulent ways to influence the end results on-site. 

Angela Stanford, a seven-time winner of the LPGA tour, has those concerns and is absolutely adamant that action must be taken against such people. She urged players and caddies to be wary of tampering with people and to immediately inform security if the need should arise. Stanford added that such people should be thrown out for good and have their rights to attend an LPGA event revoked. 

On the topic of betting, Stanford is also welcoming to the idea. Like her colleagues, she considers this as a good possibility to boost the popularity of the LPGA and to introduce it to new people.

However, Stanford acknowledges the possibility of people inside of the LPGA betting and the problems it may cause. However, the LPGA Tour partnered with Genius Sports in 2019 to ensure its players have been put through sports betting integrity to minimize the dangers posed by internal betting. 

The LPGA hosted the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play this weekend which just ended with Ally Ewing as the winner.  BetMGM, on the other hand, just struck another partnership, this time with horse racing provider NYRA Bets LLC.


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