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Low6’s Stevenson Steps Down after Five Years as MD

Award-winning fantasy sports and gamification company Low6 has bid farewell to one of its co-founders, Wayne Stevenson. Stevenson, who founded the company together with James Mitchell in 2017,  decided to step down from his position as managing director of regulated activities at the end of a fruitful five-year journey.

Stevenson Built a Notable Business from a Simple Idea

The company that the ex-managing director dedicated his life to in the past five years grew from one of its simple ideas into a full-blown, award-winning business. 

Together with Mitchell, Stevenson shared the co-chief executive officer position for two years until he was appointed the new title with the free-to-play developer at the beginning of 2019. Stevenson remembered the “sleepless nights in the early days with the pressures of a startup” that he experienced together with Mitchell. He added that Low6 “would never be what it is today” without Mitchell. 

Speaking about his decision to leave, Stevenson said “it is never easy leaving” the company that he helped found while reminiscing a few of his fondest memories. Among them, the PDC World Darts agreement at Alexandra Palace and the deal with pro fighter Nick Smith and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Stevenson called these contracts essential for building the company’s reputation at a worldwide level. He also mentioned a series of additional partnerships with DP World Tour, the Professional Golfers’ Association Tour, US Franchises Jaguars, Cincinnati, Detroit Pistons, Bengals, and Jacksonville. The YinzCam agreement with Priya Narasimhan and the LEARFIELD College contract were also part of the same long list of valuable deals that Stevenson managed to sign into effect during the five years spent with the company. All contributed massively to the impressive growth that Low6 experienced since its launch. 

UltimateFan, Picks & Founding Rounds

The success of the UltimateFan product that brings together fantasy football, pack openings, and NFTs and the Transatlantic expansion in 2022 helped the company attract $5 million in funding at the start of the year. The funding was used by the company with headquarters in Birmingham to support its public listing in the US. It followed 2020’s $3.99 million funding round.

Low6 also developed the equally successful Picks products that ask players to answer several questions regarding the results of a tournament in order to gather points and climb a leaderboard. 

The company that targets millennials and Gen Z who love sports would not have recorded its massive success with its UltimateFan products without the help of dedicated influencer marketing. UltimateFan enables is similar to a blockchain marketplace that enables players to buy and sell their player cards used in any fantasy game belonging to Low6. 

Stevenson Wishing Low6 “All the success in the Future”

Stevenson gave a heartfelt thank you to Jamie Mitchell, mentioning their “successes, the challenges, and the friendship: that the two built over the years. He also wished him and the company “all the success” in the years to come. Stevenson is currently on garden leave until the end of July, while still excited about what his future challenges will look like.

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