November 18, 2022 2 min read


Low6 Releases Super Fantasy Soccer with Sportsbet for World Cup

The World Cup is fast approaching or, scratch that – it’s right upon us. Low6, a global leader in building powerful gamification solutions for the sports betting industry, has launched a new game app with Sportsbet, one of the leading sportsbooks in Australia. The new Super Fantasy Soccer app was built as a F2P option for sports betting fans in the country and it has already topped the charts in the App Store.

Low6 and Superbet Debut New Hit Fantasy Betting App

The app has been out for 36 hours before achieving this milestone, and it’s just the first of Low6 and Sportsbet’s future collaborations centered around the gamification of the sports betting industry. Super Fantasy Soccer is predicated on making sports betting fun, familiar, engaging, and safe. Low6 CEO Jamie Mitchell welcomed the opportunity:

We’re very proud to be working with Sportsbet and excited to help them continue to grow their market-leading position in Australia with innovative gamification. Given the success of UltimateFan, we’re confident that our leading sports products will acquire new Sportsbet users in mass as well as increase daily active users throughout the World Cup and beyond.

Low6 CEO Jamie Mitchell

The free-to-play sports game is also designed to appeal to existing customer bases in new ways. Players get “packdrops” which contain players and team cards which are then used by fans to create and build their own fantasy teams for the World Cup. Points are then earned based on players’ real-world performance.

There is a weekly $50,000 prize pool on the line which is motivating players to really give it a go and try to build the best-performing fantasy team as the World Cup is practically here. There will also be Invitational Leagues and be able to compete against friends and colleagues, with Low6 clearly understanding the audiences that are interested in fantasy leagues and the camaraderie that exists between them.

Low6 has a number of successful projects completed to this date as well. UltimateFan, for example, has been a true hit for Low6 and has recorded more than 200,000 game installs to date. The game was debuted for Euro 2020 at first, but it quickly became a go-to option for many fantasy Premier League fans. Low6 already has a great track record of building compelling and engaging products that simply strike home with soccer fans.


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