August 18, 2023 3 min read


Low6 and Superbet Team Up for New Fantasy Sports Game

The new free-to-play fantasy sports game is called Ultimate Squad and is expected to deliver thrilling experiences for Champions League and Premier League fans

The leading pan-European entertainment and tech company, Superbet Group, announced it joined forces with the leading gamification innovator, Low6. Details regarding the recent tie-up emerged Thursday and see the duo join forces for a new free-to-play fantasy game that focuses on the Premier League and Champions League.

The new game, titled Ultimate Squad, is presented as a spin-off of the popular UltimateFan franchise. Players of Ultimate Squad will be given “pack drops” that include soccer players as well as teams’ cards. With those cards, the users need to create a lineup for different contests.

Elevating the experience for the users, real-life performances will contribute toward the points players can earn and the progress will be tracked via a global leaderboard. On the other hand, players that want to engage in friendly play with colleagues, friends or family, can also compete in special Invitational Private Leagues.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6’s CEO, explained that the company anticipates huge success for the new game, given the strong performance of UltimateFan. He predicted that Ultimate Squad would resonate well with Superbet customers and boost player engagement and retention. Finally, Mitchell said: “Superbet is an operator who has successfully scaled across Central and Eastern Europe, and we look forward to working with them long-term for their player acquisition and retention strategy.”

Given the success of UltimateFan, we’re confident that our leading fantasy sports product will acquire new Superbet users on mass and increase engagement amongst players.

Jamie Mitchell, CEO at Low6

A New Thrilling Fantasy Sports Game

Anthony Guthridge, Superbet’s VP of product, shared Mitchell’s excitement and said that the company is delighted to forge this new agreement with Low6. He deemed the company a leader in gamification, as well as innovation within the sports vertical.

Guthridge noted that the new free-to-play fantasy game is expected to deliver thrilling experiences for Superbet’s growing customer base. Finally, Superbet’s VP of product said that the collaboration complements the company’s goal to bring exciting and engaging experiences.

Introducing ‘Ultimate Squad’ to our audience represents our commitment to offering the latest and most engaging experiences.

Anthony Guthridge, VP of product at Superbet

UltimateFan, the game that launched before Ultimate Squad, was well-received by sports fans. Low6 has seen more than 250,000 downloads of the game, making it an unquestionable hit. The popular game was published in different versions with the LA Chargers, as well as the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars.


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