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Lottery Legalization Enjoys Bipartisan Support in Nevada

Results of a new poll confirm that an overwhelming majority of Republicans and Democrats show support for lottery legalization in the state

There are plenty of gambling activities Nevada offers. The state is after all the home of Las Vegas, famous across the globe as the gambling capital of the world. Yet, despite the glamorous luxury hotel and casino resorts, plenty of retail and mobile sports betting options, Nevada remains among a handful of states that currently do not have a lottery.

The lottery has been banned in the state ever since its inception back in 1864. Besides Nevada, four other US states currently do not have a lottery. However, lawmakers in the state have been trying to change this for years and it appears that Nevadans are ready to support those efforts, the results of a new poll reveal.

Late last month, Noble Predictive Insights uncovered the details of a new poll, highlighting the support for a number of initiatives, including a lottery. The poll was conducted between February 27 and March 5, 2024, recording the responses of 829 registered voters in Nevada. Noble Predictive Insights confirmed that the poll yields a margin of error of +/- 3.4%.

When asked about the legalization of a lottery in Nevada, an overwhelming majority of the participants in the poll showed support for the initiative. A total of 75% of all voters supported the legalization of the lottery, while only 13% cast a vote in opposition. Similarly, a small percentage, only 12%, said that they are not sure or do not have an opinion.

An Overwhelming Majority Supports Lottery Legalization

A breakdown by party revealed that 82% of the Democrats who voted in the poll supported the legalization of a lottery, while 10% said they were not sure and only 7% opposed the proposal.

Some 74% of the participants in the poll who determined themselves as Republicans supported the lottery legalization proposal in Nevada. Within that group, 15% were against the establishment of a lottery, while 11% said they were not sure.

The support for lottery legalization among independent and other voters was slightly lower, or 71%. Within this group, some 16% opposed the lottery legalization and 13% said they were not sure or did not have an opinion.

A bill proposing the lottery legalization gained traction in Nevada last year. However, it looks unlikely that the proposal will appear on the 2024 ballot. According to rumors, 2026 may be the year when Nevada residents will cast their vote for or against a lottery.


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