January 18, 2022 3 min read


Livespins Adds Fantasma Games for Shared iGaming Experiences

Livespins and Fantasma Games have entered a new strategic content partnership to help boost both brands’ exposure and reach. As a result, Livespins will integrate Fantasma Games’ dedicated offer of slots into its live-streaming platform and bring new experiences to players. 

Livespins is focused on building a live streaming experience that casino players can relate to and participate in without necessarily pressing the spin button. 

Effectively, the company has live streamers who explore different games and give viewers the opportunity to find new slots while also deriving a visceral pleasure from sharing in the wins and commiserating with the losses of the people on screen. The company allows viewers to participate by joining communal pools where all bets and prizes are distributed on a pro-rata basis. 

Fantasma, in the meantime, has been expanding its own expertise in creating industry-defining games by pushing the gameplay beyond what can be purely measured in gambling terms. As a result, the company has been able to build unique titles.

Among those is Flower Fortune Megaways, which allows players to “level up” through their sessions and unlock new features and experiences. Heroes Hunt and Heroes Hunt 2 come with the same emphasis on creating storylines and plots that contribute to the overall experience. 

Livespins Viewers Get in on the Action 

Livespins viewers, though, may also be a part of the action as they can tune in to watch a streamer they like and still bet on the outcomes. The company allows a group of people to share the wagering weight and any spoils thereafter, which makes the experience even more worthwhile.

Each participant is free to set the amount they want to bet, and any rewards after are distributed on a pro-rata basis. Players are free to determine the number of spins they want to participate in. Livespins creates a brand new way of engaging with customers by allowing spectators to become players. Livespins CCO Michael Pedersen has commented on the latest partnership with Fantasma Games, noting:

“Livespins is here to socially charge online casinos and offer an entirely new category of player experience by combining a well-known bet format – bet behind – with the uniquely immersive and highly entertaining world of streaming.”

Pedersen confirmed that he was excited to see the Fantasma Games’ portfolio appear on Livespins’ streams. Meanwhile, Fantasma Games founder Fredrik Johansson spoke highly of the new experiences now possible with Livespins. 

“This partnership will allow us to leverage the power and influence of streamers and put our slots in front of a new and growing community of casino streaming consumers and online slot players.”

He pointed out the similarities in both companies’ philosophies which align them as strong partners together. 


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