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Light & Wonder Paves the Way to ESG Excellence with Inaugural Report

The leading gaming supplier aims to drive positive change in the industry and set an example for responsible business practices

Light & Wonder has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming a global leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, releasing its first-ever ESG report. The comprehensive document highlights the company’s progress and achievements over the past year, helping it identify areas requiring additional improvements. The developer’s commitment to positive change should bolster its broader market appeal and aid future strategic partnerships.

Such Achievements Foster Enduring Success

Light & Wonder’s Game Changers program, launched in 2021, marked a significant milestone in the company’s ESG efforts. Employees can spend up to eight hours per year of paid time off volunteering to support their preferred local charity. The program strengthens employee volunteerism, provides team bonding opportunities, and positively impacts communities.

Game Changers’ five pillars of Community, People, Planet, Player, and Governance profoundly impacted the company, enabling its recent corporate social responsibility (CSR) successes. Light & Wonder president and CEO Matt Wilson lauded the company’s achievements, hoping to build upon recent successes to deliver enduring ESG excellence.

We are extremely proud of the great strides we’ve made in our CSR journey, including… partnering with more than 15 Responsible Gaming organizations and campaigns globally.

Matt Wilson, Light & Wonder president and CEO

Last year saw Light & Wonder donate $1.3 million to good causes and contribute 18,000 volunteered hours to non-profit organizations worldwide. Employees aided their local communities, contributed to responsible gaming charities, donated 7,500 trees, and made a meaningful impact with their efforts. Such initiatives helped foster a positive and supportive work environment, bolstering growth and development for all team members.

Light & Wonder Will Expand Its ESG Initiatives

The company’s resounding ESG successes pave the way for new initiatives and avenues for improvement. Light & Wonder plans to implement improved recycling weapons and introduce more renewable energy sources, reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. The developer will also strengthen its community-focused efforts, contributing to a more diverse and sustainable future.

CSR excellence vastly contributes to the developer’s overall image, improving brand awareness and enabling partnership opportunities with like-minded companies. VP of CSR Tracy Skenandore noted that the company would focus on developing relationships with diverse suppliers and increasing employee participation in DEI education programs, fostering a positive and motivated workforce ready to face any challenge.

I see the great work being done in each of our markets that make a lasting impact while we serve as Game Changers.

Tracy Skenandore, Light & Wonder VP of CSR 

As the gaming industry faces growing scrutiny over sustainability issues, Light & Wonder’s commitment to becoming a global ESG leader is a welcome and progressive step. The developer’s dedication to pressing global issues will undoubtedly shape a brighter future for the gaming industry, aiding the company’s long-term strategic goals.

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