LeoVegas to Combat Problem Gambling With AI-Powered Deposit Limits

Swedish mobile iGaming company LeoVegas has implemented instant and personalized deposit limits for users of its brands in the United Kingdom. This continues the company’s efforts to propagate safe and responsible wagering and establish a healthy betting ecosystem.

LeoVegas’ New Deposit Limits

The personalized deposit limits have been added to LeoVegas’ British brands, which include 21.co.uk, BetUK, LeoVegas.com, and PinkCasino. The deposit limits will be assigned to bettors during their first deposit. They will use third-party data and a proprietary risk prediction model to determine an individually-personalized limit for every player. The limit will be recalculated constantly, keeping track of a user’s situation.

Additionally, bettors in the United Kingdom will continue to be incentivized to set their safe gambling preferences. LeoVegas will keep on using AI-backed messages that provide valuable advice to players who use one of the operator’s sites and stimulate them to make responsible and informed betting decisions.

“Personalized deposit limits and onsite messages are examples of new initiatives using AI and innovative technology to make gambling safer”, the announcement explained.

The AI solutions of LeoVegas don’t end there as the company will also use some such tools to spot bettors at risk of developing harmful gambling tendencies. The official update reads that the AI system will provide enhanced analysis of customers’ behavior and will automatically prevent risk customers from making new deposits.

Once the AI-powered system has marked those players, it will be up to LeoVegas’ professional customer care team to talk with the gamblers in question and help them to learn to control their iGaming behavior.

Keeping the Gambling Industry Clean

The chief executive officer of LeoVegas, Gustaf Hagman, spoke about LeoVegas’ mission to promote safe gambling. According to Hagman himself, safer gambling experiences will provide LeoVegas with a more lasting relationship with its customers. He realizes that customer retention will greatly grow if the company focuses on keeping its gambling offerings just as exciting while simultaneously helping to prevent addiction and other irresponsible behavior.

However, Hagman also recognizes that different people have different financial capabilities and spending habits, which is why he is glad to introduce the new AI-powered solution that follows clients’ deposits, personalizes their limits, and updates them with time.

Teaching clients to gamble responsibly and preventing gambling harm consistently remains one of the hot topics in the industry. This is especially important, considering how popular gaming is in some markets and how many players engage in it. In the light of this letting problem gamblers run rampant risks tarnishing the industry’s name.

That’s why numerous betting operators have vowed to work for a healthier gambling ecosystem. Just now, gaming software supplier Microgaming reaffirmed its commitment to responsible gambling.

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