April 22, 2022 3 min read

LeoVegas Rolls Out Personalized Safe Gambling Messaging in Sweden, Denmark

Europe’s premier GameTech company that offers state-of-the-art technology for gaming, LeoVegas Group, announced that it increased its safer gambling efforts for the Danish and Swedish gambling markets.

LeoVegas Launches Personalized On-Site Messages

The company said Thursday that it launched personalized on-site messages for two of its key markets. The goal of the messages will be to raise awareness, educate and promote safer gambling tools that can be used by the consumers. The recent launch reaffirms LeoVegas’ safer gambling strategy. According to the company, the delivery of on-site messages “is a proven way of increasing customer usage of safer gambling tools and developing more sustainable customer relationships.” Currently, personalized messaging is already live for LeoVegas’ brands GoGo Casino and Expekt in Denmark and Sweden.

Messages will educate customers about a range of safer gambling tools accessible through the sites and promote their use,”

reads a statement released by LeoVegas Group

Before launching on-site messaging for the Danish and Swedish markets, LeoVegas introduced the functionality for customers in the UK. That happened during the autumn of last year. Now, LeoVegas said that based on collected data from the UK market, it has seen an increase in the use of safer gambling tools. Moreover, the company admitted that more users are setting limits or even lowering their existing limits. At the same time, LeoVegas said that the positive effect of on-site messaging in the UK for customers identified as gamblers at risk was even greater.

AI Technology Powers the On-Site Personalized Messages

Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas Group’s CEO, commented that on-site messaging already proved to be a success in the UK. He explained that the personalized on-site messaging reaffirms the company’s commitment to responsible gambling and has a positive effect on the customers. Hagman said that by launching on-site messaging in Sweden and Denmark, LeoVegas will offer even safer gambling.

We are thrilled that our on-site messaging has proven successful in the UK – not only in driving engagement with our safer gambling tools but also by having a positive effect on customer behavior and helping to drive forward our quest for more sustainable customer relationships.

Gustaf Hagman, CEO at LeoVegas Group

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps LeoVegas detect customers who may be at risk of gambling. If such a user is identified, AI then encourages them to use safer gambling tools and set limits via personalized messaging. Additionally, the AI system may use spaces which are usually used for new games and promotions to position the responsible gaming messages. LeoVegas explained that the “content and urgency vary based on the customer’s individual gambling behavior and history.”


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