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Legendary Rugby Player Regan King Talks about Problem Gambling

Regan King, the famous New Zealand rugby player, revealed in a recent interview the struggles he faced with gambling during his professional career. The powerful words of the rugby player come at the start of the 2022 Safer Gambling Week that launched on October 17 and is set to run through October 23.

Regan King Speaks about Problem Gambling

The former Scarlets player recently spoke to BBC’s Scrum V program and revealed details about his struggles with gambling. He revealed that he wasn’t prepared for life outside rugby and acknowledged he found it tough. King said that he thought after playing rugby he would go on with coaching. However, he had an issue with gambling. This is why King moved to Australia and started therapy, a process he explained as confronting his “inner demons.”

It wasn’t until life outside of rugby…I had a pretty traumatic time leaving after Neath, and then things slowly started to turn for me.

Regan King

The Famous Player Attended Therapy, Rehab

Having gambling-related issues throughout his entire career was tough for King. However, he explained that at the time, he focused on playing well which enabled him to stay in his “own little world.” But once the finished playing, King realized that he will need to take action and resolve his gambling problem.

I moved to Perth in Australia and had to face my inner demons, I guess, and confront things and just start talking it out, going to therapy, going to rehab, being able to communicate with my partner, who I’m now with and she’s been a rock for me, giving me a reason for wanting to turn things around,

added King

Moving to Perth, Australia, King started going to therapy and began talking about gambling with his partner. He acknowledged that his partner played a key role and helped him open up about the topic and look for change. According to King, the last two years he spent in Australia with his partner were very productive for him and her. Meanwhile, he unveiled plans to go back to Wales and reconnect with people.

Problem gambling is not an uncommon condition among professional athletes. Without a doubt, King’s experience and his powerful story may encourage others who suffer from problem gambling to seek help.


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