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Las Vegas Sands Discusses New York Licensing and Thailand’s Gaming Outlook

The conversation surrounding Thailand resonates with prevailing industry views, indicating an increasing fascination with the gaming scene in the Southeast Asian country

During Las Vegas Sands’ first-quarter earnings call, CEO Rob Goldstein addressed both setbacks in New York‘s licensing process and the company’s interest in Thailand‘s gaming potential, shedding light on its strategic outlook amidst evolving market dynamics.

Las Vegas Sands Faces Extended Timelines in New York

In response to delays in New York’s casino licensing, Goldstein expressed frustration, citing ongoing uncertainties surrounding the timeline for approvals. Las Vegas Sands had anticipated progress in 2024 but now faces extended timelines, with decisions pushed back to potentially 2025 or 2026. 

Patrick Dumont, Las Vegas Sands president and COO, also expressed his exasperation: “Now they are saying 2025 or 2026, but I do not think we have any real clarity. And to be honest, it is confusing and disappointing because we have done a lot of work in New York and invested a lot of time into it. So I have no guidance because I do not really know what to say with candor and insight.”

Regulatory hurdles, particularly in New York City, have impeded advancements, with zoning amendments awaiting approval to facilitate casino developments within the city’s five boroughs. 

Moreover, legal disputes, including challenges from Hofstra University regarding a planned resort near the Nassau Coliseum, have further complicated matters. Goldstein emphasized the need for clarity and resolution in New York’s regulatory landscape, reflecting the company’s long-standing commitment to the market.

Las Vegas Sands Eyes Thailand Amidst New York Setbacks

Despite challenges in New York, attention turned to Southeast Asia, with Wall Street analyst Chad Beynon from Macquarie US Equity Research probing about prospects in Thailand. Goldstein responded optimistically, acknowledging Thailand’s potential to expedite developments. 

He highlighted the market’s allure, citing its sizable population, accessibility, and status as one of Asia’s premier resort destinations. Goldstein affirmed the company’s interest in Thailand, underscoring ongoing efforts to assess opportunities and determine feasibility in the region.

The discussion on Thailand aligns with broader industry sentiments, reflecting growing interest in the Southeast Asian nation’s gaming landscape. Thailand’s recent strides in passing legislation for legal casino gaming suggest that it may launch its first casino before Japan, potentially opening doors for rapid tourism and economic growth. 

With overwhelming support from the House of Representatives and favorable tax rates, experts anticipate Thailand to become a prime destination for international casino companies, possibly outpacing Japan in the race to establish integrated resorts. 

As Las Vegas Sands navigates through regulatory challenges in New York, the company remains committed to exploring new opportunities and expanding its global footprint. Despite uncertainties in mature markets, the company’s strategic vision extends towards emerging destinations like Thailand, where it seeks to leverage its expertise and capitalize on evolving market dynamics.


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