Las Vegas Operators Continue Testing Employees for COVID-19

Collectively Wynn Las Vegas and Las Vegas Sands have tested more than 57,000 of its employees for COVID-19.

Wynn Las Vegas Is Continuously Testing Employees

Las Vegas gambling operators continue to test their employees for COVID-19. Since its reopening in June, Wynn Las Vegas has tested 15,051 employees for COVID-19. Conducted with the help of the University Medical Center, Wynn has found 548 COVID-19 positive employees. Three company employees with the virus have deceased since the reopening of the venue.

According to statistics, 497 of the reported positive cases were discovered since the operator reopened, while 51 cases were found prior. Keeping in mind the total number of positive COVID-19 cases, the number of positive cases represents 3.6% out of the 15,051 tests which were conducted.

Furthermore, last week Wynn has announced the launch of its “Pre-employment and Surveillance Testing Programs”. Back then, Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox commented by saying that the new program will establish a “robust in-house contact tracing effort”.  He stressed that with the help of the program, Wynn Las Vegas will become one of the safest places for both employees and guests, outside of their own homes.

Las Vegas Sands Tested More Than 42,000 Employees for COVID-19

Another industry giant located on the Strip in Las Vegas also tested a significant amount of its workforce for COVID-19. Since its reopening in June, Las Vegas Sands has so far conducted 42,637 COVID-19 tests. The company tested employees at both the Venetian and Palazzo resorts.

The reported positive cases of employees which the operator found were a total of 424. Keeping in mind the total number of tests, this makes just around 1% of the tested employees. Here, it is important to mention that some 399 reported positive cases were discovered after the reopening of the resorts in June.

Las Vegas Sands spokesperson Ron Reese stated in an e-mail that the company’s main priority since the reopening of the resorts during the pandemic remains the safety and well-being of both team members and guests. Reese also outlined that some of the reported COVID-19 cases were discovered when employees had off-site tests.

Clack County Residents May Have Contracted COVID-19 by Visiting a Hotel or a Resort

According to data by the American Gaming Association, currently, in the U.S. there are 903 commercials and tribal casinos that are open. In contrast, 90 venues currently remain closed. Despite that the bigger parts of the casinos are operating, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the venues are working with reduced visitor capacity.

Focusing on Nevada, there have been 75,000 reported positive COVID-19 cases in the state. On the bright side, the patients that recovered are just above 48,000. But according to data by the Mitigation and Management Task Force from last week, some 26% of the residents in Clark County may have contracted COVID-19 at a hotel, motel, or resort.

Although the task force revealed the percentage values, no solid numbers were provided. Furthermore, representatives of the Task Force assured that this data “does not mean that the business is associated with the exposure”.

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