September 18, 2020 3 min read

Clark County COVID-19 Cases May Be Related to Hotel, Motel, or Resort

The Mitigation and Management Task Force in Nevada revealed that some 26% of the positive COVID-19 cases in Clark County may be related to a hotel, motel, or resort. Without revealing any solid numbers, the Task Force said that this data does not mean that the person was infected at one of the places.

The Mitigation and Management Task Force Reveals COVID-19 Cases Data

Thursday, September 17, Nevada state officials revealed that approximately 26% of the Clark County COVID-19 positive cases may have contracted the illness at a hotel, motel, or resort. This is according to data by Nevada’s COVID-19 Mitigation and Management Task Force. According to the data, there is a possibility of positive COVID-19 cases to be related to residents visiting the Las Vegas Strip in Clark County.

Julia Peek, Nevada Department of Health and Human Services deputy administrator who is involved in contact tracing said that 26% of the people infected in Clark County over the past 30 days acknowledged visiting a hotel, motel, or a resort. In contrast, people who tested positive for COVID-19 and mentioned visiting a “food establishment” were only 12% of the cases, said Peek.

Although the percentage values were revealed, Peek did not share a solid number on how many residents in Clark County were contacted by the Mitigation and Management Task Force. It is also unknown what number of Clark County residents confirmed visiting a hotel, motel, or a resort. Peek did stress that this data “does not mean that the business is associated with the exposure”. Furthermore, she outlined that the people interviewed by the investigators happened to name the places during cases investigation.

Currently Nevada Has More Than 74,000 Recorded Positive COVID-19 Cases  

The COVID-19 Task Force response director, Caleb Cage, who was named by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, added that if a location, company, or a public-private entity comes up on that list “it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person was infected there”. He outlined that at some point before or after the resident started having COVID-19 symptoms, he or she has visited one of those locations. In response to Cage’s statement, Peek said: “You explained it perfectly.”

Positive COVID-19 cases in Nevada are now more than 74,000. The deceased patients with the respiratory virus are 1,500 but the patients who recovered are more than 44,500. Focusing on the bigger picture, in the U.S. there are more than 6,8 million reported positive COVID-19 cases. The country is still at the top of the chart with the most reported positive COVID-19 cases globally, followed by India and Brazil with 5.2 million and 4.4 million respectively.

Focusing on Nevada once again, Governor Sisolak announced yesterday that the COVID-19 numbers are moving in the right direction. According to the Governor, this is not by chance but the result of many sacrifices by residents of Nevada. In light of the good results, the Governor said that the experts of the Task Force are reassessing the current restrictions. Furthermore, Governor Sisolak added that some of the current restrictions may be lifted soon.


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