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Las Vegas F1 Race Disrupts Traffic and Homeless Lives

Scheduled for 16-18 November, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is reshaping not only the city’s surface but also impacting the underground lives of its homeless population

The upcoming Formula One race is causing a stir beyond the typical disruptions associated with high-speed racing. The event has garnered significant attention and should substantially bolster tourism, but extensive preparation efforts have impacted the daily routines of residents and regular visitors. While most of these measures are temporary, they have revealed the hidden costs of organizing such a high-profile race.

The Grand Prix Will Dominate the Entire Weekend

Part of the preparations will include significant traffic rerouting with a complete halt to vehicular access on key roads, including Las Vegas Boulevard, Koval Lane, Harmon Avenue, and Sands Avenue, from 5 p.m. through 6 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. While vehicular and pedestrian traffic will divert around the closed streets, it will face substantial detours and delays.

Such measures are understandably unpopular with residents and Las Vegas regulars, as they further strain the city’s unoptimized infrastructure. Disgruntled citizens also criticized the heavy use of view blocks, preventing pedestrians from sneaking a peak at the race. Some pointed out that such restrictions made the city feel unwelcome to tourists, herding them like animals.

The ongoing disruptions will also affect Sin City’s regularly scheduled entertainment as most headlining shows take a break during the Grand Prix. While many venues justify this decision with traffic difficulties, most tourists during race weekend will have little time for other entertainment, while regulars will avoid visiting altogether.

Preparations Include Some Questionable Measures

The F1-related disruption extends below ground, affecting the network of interconnected concrete flood channels known locally as “the tunnels.” These channels usually serve as stormwater conduits but have become home to a transient population of roughly 1,000 people. Fearing that these individuals may disrupt the race, Vegas authorities have undertaken some harsh measures.

Signs posted in the tunnel entrances announce a “Tunnel Clean Out for Formula 1” scheduled for 15 November. During this process, a “tactical unit” will clear the tunnels of human presence, rendering them inaccessible until 20 November. These measures have raised significant concerns as the nearest homeless shelters are miles away and may not be an option for people with low mobility.

This unexpected interaction between a high-profile sporting event and an already vulnerable population underscores the broader societal issues faced by cities hosting high-profile events and the need for comprehensive planning to mitigate unintended consequences. Most locals agree that Vegas could have better organized the Grand Prix. City authorities can learn from their shortcomings and mitigate future events’ societal impact.

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