November 2, 2023 3 min read


F1’s View Blocks Don’t Sit Well with Vegas Citizens and Tourists

The general agreement is that the view blocks intrude upon the solace of citizens and tourists

Vegas citizens and tourists aren’t happy with the view blocks F1 crews are installing ahead of the F1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023. While Formula 1 justifies the installations with the safety of the drivers, many believe that it is a trick to force consumers to watch exclusive streams.

Set to take place from November 16 to 18, the prix is one of the most highly-anticipated races in this year’s motorsports calendar. However, it has led to certain modifications in Vegas that don’t sit well with locals.

F1 workers started installing the privacy screens a few days ago, blocking the view of the race. Pedestrian bridges crossing the racetrack are being equipped with metal bars and reflective screens that prevent pedestrians from seeing the event.

F1’s official statement is that these measures are needed to protect the F1 drivers from tossed objects. In addition, by blocking the view from the bridges, F1 will ensure that traffic across the bridges remains uninterrupted by crowds.

Needless to say, fans who had hoped to take a peek at the race are very unhappy.

Fans Slammed F1 over the View Blocks

Disgruntled citizens, F1 fans and Las Vegas tourists expressed their disapproval of the view blocks. Some accused F1 of treating pedestrians like animals, channeling them toward the right path without them getting distracted. Others pointed out that the city now feels very unwelcoming to tourists who have hoped to experience the dazzle Las Vegas is famous for.

People generally agree that the upcoming race continues to intrude upon the solace of Vegas citizens and tourists as it has for many weeks now just so rich people can make money.

A few said that they understand why these view blocks are needed but critiqued F1 for putting them up too early.

MGM Resorts Will Provide Fans with Great F1 Experiences

On a more positive note, MGM Resorts recently teased details about the F1 experiences it will offer to guests of its Bellagio Fountain Club. Not only will the club offer unparalleled viewing experiences via cutting-edge screens but it will also provide fans with premium dining options.

Set to welcome some of the world’s best chefs, the club will also welcome the top three racers following the end of the race. The club’s objective is to bring fans closer to the F1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 action during the event.


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  • Desertlady79
    November 3, 2023 at 1:21 am

    Did the commissioners who approved the plan really envision this much disruption to the citizens and workers of Vegas? Money talks; probably didn’t care!

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