November 16, 2023 3 min read


Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix Ticket Prices Plunge as Event Nears

With just a day remaining until the Formula 1 Grand Prix kicks off, ticket prices have seen a staggering decline despite attempts to maintain the hype surrounding the event

Recent data reveals a seat for the prestigious race now costs 60% less than last year. Most agree that the current pricing aligns with market demand, sending a clear message to the organizers that their targeted prices are unsustainable. The Grand Prix has taken substantial measures to stoke excitement, utilizing the famous Las Vegas Sphere, but their efforts failed to stabilize prices.

Current Pricing Seems Increasingly Unsustainable

According to TickPick, Saturday night’s main event prices have dropped by 23% since last week. The cheapest grandstand ticket is currently priced at approximately $800, marking a 50% decrease from last month’s cost of $1,645 and a substantial 60% drop from last year’s initial low price of $2,000. The event should gather approximately 105,000 visitors.

Experts attribute the lack of demand to various factors, including the exorbitant pricing of the tickets, making this F1 event the most expensive in history. The anticipated dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull, reigning champions of the 2023 World Championship, also contributes to the reduced interest in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

More reasons behind the declining demand could be the cooler weather and the declining popularity of Netflix’s long-running “Drive to Survive” F1 documentary series. TickPick CEO Brett Goldberg hinted that F1 could reduce future prices from this year’s record highs to better align with fan sentiment and purchasing ability. Despite the sharp drop, the Grand Prix maintains its extensive marketing campaign.

F1 Spared No Expense for Maximum Spectacle

Iconic Vegas venue, the Sphere, will play a pivotal role during this week’s race, showcasing cards featuring all 20 drivers and their cars in a larger-than-life form, keeping track of pole positions, and transforming into selfie backdrops resembling the drivers’ helmets. Some lucky fans may also see their faces displayed on the iconic piece of architecture.

Since its activation on 4 July, the Sphere has elevated the Las Vegas Strip Circuit experience, providing a captivating visual spectacle for attending fans and global TV viewers. Despite the ongoing change in management, the venue remains fully operational and is ready to elevate the fast-approaching Grand Prix. 

We are ready to showcase Sphere to our global audience via F1, demonstrating the unparalleled technological and creative capabilities of the Exosphere.

Joel Fisher, MSG Entertainment VP of marquee events and operations

As the F1 Grand Prix launches at 10 p.m. on Saturday, the Sphere will undoubtedly provide a fantastic backdrop to the race. However, it also highlights F1’s unsustainable pricing model as each new Grand Prix becomes progressively more expensive. Scaling down prices to align with public demand now seems inevitable, and next year’s event may cut down on the glamour to reduce costs.

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