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Ladbrokes Strikes Two-Year UFC Sponsorship Deal in Australia and New Zealand

This move aligns with parent company Entain’s ambitions in the region as it aims to bolster the popularity of its offerings via improved brand awareness

Ladbrokes, the Entain-owned betting brand, has secured a regional sponsorship agreement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Australia and New Zealand. The two-year deal involves prominent Ladbrokes branding in the Octagon and during UFC broadcasts in both countries. Additionally, Ladbrokes will engage in ambassadorial agreements with UFC athletes, creating exclusive content and fan promotions.

The UFC Is No Stranger to Such Collaborations

This partnership is an extension of Entain’s involvement in the region, where its Neds brand sponsored the UFC in Australia. The decision to expand the sponsorship to Ladbrokes is part of Entain’s adjusted sponsorship strategy in response to changing community sentiments about gambling advertising in sports. The company aims to reduce its sponsorship activities in Australia, demonstrating a commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Ladbrokes and the UFC expressed enthusiasm about the extended agreement, emphasizing their commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences for fans in Australia and New Zealand. UFC & WWE at TKO VP of global partnerships Nick Smith noted that the past collaborations between the two entities set the groundwork for this newest development, heralding enduring success.

The partnership between the UFC and Entain has been a highly successful one over the past three years with Neds, and we are thrilled to keep it in the Entain family.

Nick Smith, UFC & WWE at TKO VP of global partnerships

Entain’s approach aligns with the UFC’s past initiatives to integrate digital sponsorships into its events. October 2023 saw the MMA championship unveil a partnership with SPRIBE, including an annual brand ambassador fund. The new agreement with Ladbrokes marks a significant milestone for the UFC, bolstering its popularity in a promising market.

Entertain Hopes to Leverage UFC Fans and Bolster Engagement

Ladbrokes aims to leverage the UFC’s enduring appeal to create exclusive content and fan promotions, aligning with Entain’s ambitions in the region. The gambling giant recently expressed interest in securing direct access to a free-to-air TV channel targeting Australian audiences. The move aims to broadcast sports events, explore synergies, and promote gambling products.

Partnering with the UFC reflects Entain’s shifting priorities after its high-level management reshuffles. The company’s updated strategy prioritizes sustainability and customer safety as it focuses on its core markets. Entertain CMO Mel Kenneday lauded the UFC’s enduring appeal, noting its thrilling content was well-suited for the Ladbrokes brand, leading to mutual success.

2024 is set to be the biggest ever for the UFC, and Ladbrokes is thrilled to be a key player in this.

Mel Kenneday, Entertain CMO

The two-year UFC sponsorship deal showcases Entain’s commitment to responsible gambling practices and evolving community values as the company adjusts to shifting sentiments around gambling promotion. With Ladbrokes joining the ranks of UFC sponsors, both parties hope to deliver unparalleled content and engaging experiences for fans in the fast-growing world of mixed martial arts in Australia and New Zealand.

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