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Kwiff and Xtremepush Join Efforts to Boost Personalized Gaming

Betting service kwiff has teamed up with Xtremepush, a company that focuses on multi-channel experience and engagement marketing. Through this partnership, kwiff will have the opportunity to increase its player outreach strategy, the company informed in a press release.  Thanks to this collaboration, kwiff hopes to continue delivering important growth milestones over the coming years.

Personalization Is All the Rage in the Industry

Another important aspect of kwiff’s business operations is its engagement and retention capabilities, which will be bolstered by Xtremepush. An upside is the personalization of the product offer in order to help with kwiff’s overall pull with consumers through various notifications and events, that will be tailored for the audiences that the company appeals to.

Xtremepush will leverage historic data and information in order to deliver on improved engagement options. Kwiff chief executive commented on this partnership. Charles Lee said that the company delivers a revolutionary sports betting and casino experience, but to attain even stronger results, the company needs to work closely with experts, such as Xtremepush.

Personalization is a buzzword in the industry as of right now, and kwiff is confident that it has what it takes to continue delivering on this key tenet. Xtremepush director of account management Ross O’Connor also welcomed the opportunity to work with the team at kwiff.

“We’ve been able to get the platform stood up and working well for them and the results have been well above the industry benchmark,” he added. The support team also helped a lot and assisted kwiff to set up its offer and benefit from the optimized and personalized approach that players can now enjoy.

Kwiff and Xtremepush Actively Grow Their Portfolios

Apart from streamlining its overall optimization process, kwiff has also been seeking to add more companies to its portfolio of products. The company recently introduced content by Pragmatic Play. Earlier this month, Xtremepush also announced a similar partnership with Gaming Innovation Group.

The companies vowed to pool their efforts and launch new customer experiences. Both kwiff and Xtremepush continue to focus on growth in their respective fields, seeking to serve their target groups and customers in the best possible way.

Xtreme push has been focusing on creating greater value for partner businesses across their entire value chain, from educating operators and companies on how to invest in their loyal customers to come up with tailored and innovative approaches towards conversion and retention.


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