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Koin Payments Ushers In Cashless Gaming in Northern Nevada with Baldini’s Casino

The payments specialist company has teamed up with the Baldini’s Casino in Northern Nevada to introduce a first of its kind technology that will transform how customers experience gambling

The partnership makes the casino the first property to implement Koin Payments’ cashless solution in the region and offer an improved wagering experience that is based on the latest trends in the industry.

Northern Nevada Rolls Out First Cashless Casino Technology

Adopting cashless has long been seen as a controversial decision for various reasons – fears about privacy, security, and even ending cash payments as such. The debate has shifted significantly over the past years, and cashless is now seen as a complementary payment solution and not a method seeking to supplant existing methods.

Koin Payments President Gary Larkin has welcomed the opportunity to team up with Baldini’s Casino, hailing the casino’s track record as a property that embraces innovation and champions it through various solutions:

With its loyal local customer base, Baldini’s was a natural place to introduce this technology in the Reno-Sparks area. In working together to promote the values of cashless gaming, we believe we generate increased player loyalty while enhancing the customer’s casino experience.

Koin Payments President Gary Larkin

Nevada has been particularly receptive to this type of innovation, too. Baldini’s Casino has an established track record of adopting cutting-edge technology and championing solutions such as digital tech that are designed to streamline the on-site guest experience. With the adoption of Koin’s solution, Baldini’s continues to establish itself as a trendsetter in leading in the way of new and consumer-centric experiences.

Recognizing What Players Want and Delivering It

Thanks to Koin’s mobile wallet, casino customers will have the opportunity to fund their accounts using a number of payment options, including bank transfers, bank cards, Venmo, ACH, and even cash at retail locations, making the process of depositing and playing at properties that have adopted the cashless technology, including Baldini’s Casino, streamlined and excellent for the end customer.

Baldini’s owner J. Grant Lincoln was similarly pleased with the opportunity to see this partnership form. He said:

Digital payment solutions are the next step in the evolution of gaming and we’re excited to work with Koin to integrate those solutions for our customers. We recognize what our customers want and then deliver it.

Baldini’s owner J. Grant Lincoln

Koin’s payment wallet also focuses on providing players with an intuitive spend-tracking function that focuses on responsible gambling by empowering consumers to know how much exactly they have put down on playing at a property.

The solution also comes with a feature that allows agreeing parties to send each other funds, so that friends can help top up each other’s accounts if they want to. All of this is controlled through a mobile device, which makes the solution easy to use, and offers customers a well-rounded digital payment experience altogether.

Baldini and other partner operators also benefit from an account management system and a reduction of their retail transaction fees. All in all, this partnership is hailed as an important milestone in the evolution of cashless payments in the region and beyond.


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