June 21, 2023 3 min read


Kiron Introduces New Lotto Channel to Boost African Growth

The new lotto draw TV channel designed specifically for the market in Africa is expected to help the company continue to grow in the region

Global technology and software company delivering leading numbers and virtual sports games Kiron Interactive announced the launch of a new product that will help it expand its presence in Africa. On Wednesday, the company confirmed that it launched a product called UK Numbers, which was specifically designed for different African markets.

UK Numbers is a lotto draw TV channel, that delivers exciting and engaging experiences for customers across the continent. Described by Kiron Interactive as a “world-class, fixed odds, lotto draw channel,” the new product is expected to fuel its growth in the African region. It delivers a mix of two formats, providing live entertainment for a wide range of customers.

The new UK Numbers product caters to the growing popularity of games with small-stake and high turnover. Such content proved to be popular not only in Africa but in other markets around the globe, which is one of the reasons why Kiron Interactive decided to introduce this product.

At the same time, the company acknowledged that it will leverage its strong position within the market in Africa and use the format to boost its operations. Besides helping the company grow, UK Numbers is expected to deliver engaging experiences for the players, align with their expectations and fit their requirements.

Expansion of Numbers Products Continues

Steven Spartinos, Kiron Interactive’s co-CEO, explained that the new product in Africa will cater to the lottery fans in the country. He explained that the new product grants an opportunity for significant payouts with minimal wagers.

“With the 49’s draw taking place twice daily and the introduction of the brand new 39’s product occurring every three minutes, players now have an even wider range of options and greater chances of success across various market demographics,” added Spartinos. Finally, he spoke about the popularity of 24/7 numbers products in other markets and predicted that this product will further build on the success seen before.

The launch of our new channel brings exciting news for lottery enthusiasts in Africa.

Steven Spartinos, co-CEO at Kiron Interactive

According to Kiron, the new 49’s live draw will have two broadcasts per day. A team of experienced and loved presenters will be in charge of the drawing. The launch isn’t a huge surprise, considering the popularity of 49’s presents around the globe in the last few decades. The games, as noted by Kiron, offer customers a chance for significant payouts with a small stake by picking the correct balls from the 49-ball format.


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