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Kindbridge Teams up with Playtech on New US Gambling Research

Gambling technology leader Playtech inked a new agreement with Kindbridge, the first virtual mental health clinic in the US. The duo launches groundbreaking research in the country, focusing on creating an evidence-based telehealth model. Furthermore, the research will aim at understanding and treating gambling better, as well as address digital dependencies.

Playtech and Kindbridge Team up for a Research

Kindbridge, the first virtual mental health clinic for gamblers and gamers, inked a key partnership with Playtech, the leading gambling technology company. Under the new partnership, the two organizations are going to collaborate to create an evidence-based model for gambling treatment within a telehealth setting via the newly formed Kindbridge Research Institute.

The main focus of the new research is going to be the mental health of gamblers, gamers and other individuals suffering from digital dependencies. The ultimate goal of the research is to identify areas where those people can be supported. The research will also aim at understanding and treating gambling better, enhancing treatment efficiency within a digital setting and understanding digital dependencies. Kindbridge’s partnership with Playtech will play a key advantage in the process, considering that the research will use the latest available technologies.

Research Aims At Creating Evidence-Based Telehealth Model

The Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey is where the Kindbridge Research Institute will be leading the public research that will create an evidence-based telehealth model. That model is expected to evaluate the effectiveness of digital gambling harm treatments and support. Furthermore, the research will provide unique data on a scale that has never been achieved in the US.

In a statement, Lia Nower, JD, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University, revealed that the university is excited to partner with Kindbridge. Furthermore, she acknowledged that the partnership aims at creating a “standardized and effective treatment framework for problem gambling and video gaming.” Nower said that Kindbridge is the first agency in the US that focuses exclusively on video gaming and problem gambling treatment. She added that the recent partnership marks the moment for rapid expansion.

Kindbridge’s collaboration with insurance companies and casino operators around the US is undoubtedly going to help the Kindbridge Research Institute in this vital research. The research will analyze player data that Kindbridge collects from its clinical network. That data would then be used to help “define personalized intelligent approaches to treatment designed to have the greatest impact for those seeking help.” It is expected such details of the research to be published in about 18 to 24 months.

Kindbridge to Combine Results from Its Clinical Network

In a statement, Kindbridge’s CEO Daniel Umfleet acknowledged that the combined data from the company’s clinical network and player data will result in a unique insight. Furthermore, he revealed that the research will provide an insight into effective treatment within the digital environment for researchers, data scientists and academics. Umfleet stressed that the scale of the research will help the company gain an in-depth understanding of harmful gambling behaviors.

“Combining data from players and Kindbridge’s clinical network will result in meaningful insight that has never before been achieved.”

Daniel Umfleet, CEO, Kindbridge

Playtech’s CEO, Mor Weizer, deemed the recent partnership with Kindbridge and Rutgers University critical for the sector. He stressed that the partnership will help deliver high-quality treatment and mental health support for people who have experienced gambling-related harms. Weizer emphasized that the company is delighted to partner with the Kindbridge Research Institute and Kindbridge’s clinical network, adding that Kindbridge is the pioneer of the next-level gambling treatment, support and services in the US.


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