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Kentucky Father-Son Duo Wins $1M Jackpot

On June 8, the father bought the winning $20 Casino Nights scratch-off ticket at the Adairville Market, a convenience store located approximately 12 miles from Springfield, Tennessee

A man from Kentucky has vowed never to eat bologna again after winning a $1 million jackpot with his son through a scratch-off lottery ticket this month. The father and son decided to stay semi-anonymous, with only his first name Jody revealed and his father’s name withheld.

Kentucky Man’s Scratch-Off Win Leaves Him Stunned and Bologna-Free

Jody’s father purchased the winning ticket, a $20 Casino Nights scratch-off, on June 8 at the Adairville Market, which is a convenience store about 12 miles away from Springfield, Tennessee, where Jody lives. According to local media outlet WHO 13, the father scratched the ticket in the store and immediately saw that he had won a $1 million prize in one of the first rows.

The dad said he told the store clerk before scratching it that if he won $1 million off that ticket then he would “never eat bologna again,” so when he uncovered the top prize, he was “shocked.”

He called Jody right away and tried to tell him what happened. Jody said he did not believe him over the phone but changed his mind when his dad came to his house to show him the winning ticket. They then planned a trip to Louisville on June 10 so they could claim their prize at Kentucky Lottery headquarters together.

Father and Son Celebrate $1M Win with Sensible Investments and Debt Repayment

Even though this win changed their lives forever, Jody continued to mow his lawn that weekend. When asked what they were going to do with all of this money, Jody answered that they would like to invest the money wisely. He said they are going to pay everything off such as houses and cars so they will be debt-free within a week. The lump sum payout was $700,000 before taxes. After tax deductions totaling 28%, both the father and son took home $504,000 cash.

The win has not only provided financial freedom for the family but also served as a memorable milestone, marking a significant shift in their lives. The father-son duo’s story is a testament to the unexpected joys that life can bring and the simple pleasures, such as a bologna-free diet, that can come from a stroke of luck.

In other news, after a guy from Seattle ignored his usual Powerball ticket in favor of a $30 Chrome Scratch ticket that he purchased because of a “positive gut feeling,” he won $2 million. The fortunate winner decided to stay nameless but told his girlfriend of many years right away, and they are going on a dream trip together to the Swiss Alps and Copenhagen.


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