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Kansas’s Four Casinos Post Mixed Results in November

No casino recorded a significant revenue increase or decline

The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission published information about the state’s gambling revenues in November. The report was mixed, showing that two of the state’s four casinos posted revenue increases, while the remaining two’s revenues declined.

The figures reported in this article are unaudited and based on figures from the Kansas Lottery Central Computer system.

Boot Hill Casino & Resort’s Performance Was Stable

Boot Hill Casino & Resort, for example, reported a total revenue of $3.83 million. This figure represents a slight increase from the $3.69 million the property recorded in November 2022 and was underpinned by the strong performance of the electronic gaming machines vertical. For reference, the latter earned the casino $3.38 million while table games earned it $448,786.

After fees and taxes, Boot Hill Casino & Resort was left with $2.79 million.

Kansas Star Casino & Resort Struggled Amid Headwinds

In the meantime, Kansas Star Casino & Resort reported a total revenue of $12 million, highlighting a slight year-on-year decrease. For reference, the casino earned $12.6 million in November 2022.

The decline was attributed to a drastic drop in the table games vertical which generated significantly lower revenue than it did a year ago. Last year, table games accounted for $2.17 million of Kansas Star Casino & Resort’s total revenue, while this year they earned only $1.6 million.

Revenue from electronic gaming machines remained more or less stable, earning $10.42 million. After taxes, Kansas Star Casino & Resort was left with $8.78 million.

Hollywood Casino & Resort Surpassed Kansas Star

Favorable tailwinds allowed Hollywood Casino & Resort to surpass its main competitor, Kansas Star Casino & Resort, in terms of revenue. In total, the property earned $12.42 million, highlighting increases across all major verticals.

Electronic gaming machines, for example, earned Hollywood Casino & Resort $11 million in November 2023. Table games, on the other hand, brought in an additional $1.38 million.

After taxes, Hollywood Casino & Resort earned $9 million.

Kansas Crossing Casino & Resort Reported Mixed Results

Finally, the commission published information about Kansas Crossing Casino & Resort’s results, reporting that the property earned $3.14 million for the period.

The casino reported mixed results as its electronic gaming machine revenue declined from $3 million in November 2022 to $2.9 million in November 2023. This loss was somewhat offset by a significant increase in the table games revenue, which stood at $210,637 – almost double what the property reported a year ago.

Despite table game revenue making up for some of the losses recorded by the electronic gaming machines vertical, the casino’s overall revenue was still slightly lower than it was in November 2022.

After taxes, Kansas Crossing Casino & Resort kept $2.29 million.


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