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Kansas: Illegal Gambling Machines Seized from Gas Station

Law enforcement along with the gambling regulator in the state seized 13 illegal gambling machines earlier this week

Illegal gambling is a growing concern across the United States. While this applies to the online counterpart of the activity, illegal or unlicensed slots, bookmakers and poker rooms continue to rake money without paying taxes or complying with gambling regulations, if such even exist where they operate. Now, a gas station in Park City, Kansas, may be in hot water after a search uncovered illegal gambling machines.

As announced by KAKE, on Wednesday this week, the Park City Police Department along with representatives of the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, the gambling regulator in the state, executed a search warrant at a gas station in Park City near I-135. Police officers and Commission representatives entered the premises, uncovering 13 illegal gaming devices. The illegal machines were consequently seized.

The latest raid marks another one for law enforcement and the regulator as they continue to battle illegal gambling establishments across Kansas. Customers who use the services of illegal gambling operators put their money at risk. This is because illegal operators are not obligated to comply with the established regulations. In other words, such illegal machines can altered to ensure that users lose far more when compared to playing at licensed casinos.

Illegal Gambling Increases Other Criminal Activities

Despite the efforts of the gambling regulator in Kansas and law enforcement, illegal establishments continue to offer their services. According to Kristopher Gupilan, an officer with the Wichita Police Department, the newly seized illegal machines further increase the number of confiscated devices. He revealed that for a decade, law enforcement seized more than 1,500 such machines and that number continues to grow.

What’s more worrying, Gupilan said, is that illegal gambling serves as a breeding ground for further crimes. “Violent crimes, thefts, all sorts of other crimes can stem from illegal gambling machines,” he warned. Gupilan encouraged anyone who suspects illegal casinos across Kansas to immediately report it by contacting Crime Stoppers. He said that such reports are anonymous.

Besides fueling other criminal activities, illegal gambling machines pose a risk for the players, according to the gambling regulator. The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission confirmed that such devices may be rigged, allowing vendors to select any odds they would like. Unlike illegal gambling devices, licensed casino operators are required to set minimum odds for their slot machines. The Commission reminded that currently, tribal casino operators’ slots pay at 80%, while commercial gambling slots’ RTP is 87%.


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