Kambi Includes MLB Offering in Its Game Parlay Product

Kambi, an independent provider of premium sports betting technology and services, has strengthened its Game Parlay Product with the addition of Major League Baseball (MLB) betting options allowing punters to combine multiple baseball betting offers when placing their parlay bets.

This comes amidst Opening Day of the new MLB season, which started on Thursday, April 7. Players of the group’s Game Parlay will be able to parlay moneyline, spread, totals, and player props within the same game or across multiple games, leagues, and sports.

Kambi’s Game Parlay will have a total of 22 combinable offers, which will include 12 player props, including as “player to hit a home run”, “total bases recorded by the player”, and “strikeouts thrown by the player”.

“The Incorporation of MLB – An Exciting Step Forward”

Simon Noy, SVP of trading of Kambi, commented that with Opening Day of the MLB season, the incorporation of MLB in the group’s Game Parlay was “an exciting step forward” for the company’s product, partners and customers as well. He also added that Game Parlay has proven that it was extremely popular in the US market since launching in time for the 2021 National Football League (NFL) season and its “popularity” has grown since the addition of new leagues and sports such as college football and ice hockey.

Noy further said that with the addition of MLB betting options in Game Parlay, Kambi expected to improve their product even more as the sports betting company aimed at delivering the best product they can to their partners and players.

Game Parlay Was a Hit since Its Expansion to American Football

Per Kambi, Game Parlay turned out to be a huge hit since it was expanded to American football in November 2021, where 45% of NFL players and 30% of National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) players placed a bet on Game Parlay during the recent season. Kambi’s Game Parlay offers multi-event and multi-sport capabilities, which are incomparable with any sports betting company, and leads the competition in important areas such as consistency of odds across the sportsbook.

Earlier in April, the sports betting supplier appointed Cecilia Wachtmeister as its chief commercial officer.

In February, Kambi entered into a long-term partnership with NorthStar Gaming Inc., a Canada-based media business and news organization, for the provision of its online sportsbook to the Canadian company.

Prior to that, in January, Kambi signed a multi-year sportsbook agreement with MaximBet, a brand owned and operated by sports betting and casino operator Carousel Group.

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