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KaFe Rocks CEO to Leave by 2023

KaFe Rocks, one of the leading iGaming affiliates, announced that its chief executive officer, Simon Pilkington, is leaving the company. His leave is not with an immediate effect but he will still vacate the CEO seat by the end of the year.

Pilkington Will Leave KaFe Rocks by 2023

Pilkington served as KaFe Rocks’ chief executive officer for half a decade. During this time, the CEO worked hard to push the company forward and cement it as a leader in content aggregation. Because of that, KaFe Rocks thanked Pilkington for his exceptional service, wishing him all the best.

In the meantime, KaFe Rocks will search for a suitable successor to head the company. According to the firm, its perfect candidate is someone who will be able to live up to its expectations and build on the strong foundations placed by Pilkington.

In addition, the perfect candidate would be someone that exemplifies the leadership skills needed by KaFe Rocks’ team and someone who embodies its values.

Pilkington Will Remain KaFe Rocks’ Biggest Cheerleader

Meanwhile, Pilkington spoke about his decision to leave the company. He reasserted that KaFe Rocks is a company he is very passionate about. He said that his decision to resign did not come because he lost his passion. On the contrary, the leaving CEO said that he loves KaFe Rocks just as ever as he always did and promised to “remain its biggest supporter and cheerleader.”

Despite that, Pilkington firmly believes that it is important to know when to let go. While he may be passionate about the company, the CEO believes that it is time to hand the baton to someone else – a new leader who would be able to take the company forward. Pilkington said that he believes this decision would be the most beneficial to KaFe Rocks as a whole.

It’s also the right time and the right thing to do for me – this role is extremely involved, and I’ve always endeavored to give everything I can to make it a great place to work, but also a successful place of work too.” 

Simon Pilkington, ex-CEO, KaFe Rocks

In other news, a few months ago, KaFe Rocks strengthened its team by appointing new heads of people and engineering. The experienced Fiona Valenzia joined the company as its new head of people, while the knowledgeable Kurt Paris assumed the role of head of engineering. Both of them are professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

KaFe Rocks’ current ambition is to find someone just as experienced to take over as CEO.


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