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Jersey Woman Wins $200K on Tipico’s New Online Platform

A Jersey City woman has won $200,000 playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasure online at Tipico Casino, proving the brand’s differentiation strategy to attract more women to its app is paying off

On April 7, a woman in Jersey City, NJ won $200,000 at a Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasure slot on the Tipico Casino platform online

The news comes in the context of the brand’s fresh, women-focused differentiation casino strategy embraced in the fall of 2023.

“I Immediately Went Into Shock”

The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that she initially believed she had won $20,000. 

When she double-checked, she “screamed immediately” as she realized “it was $200,000 and not $20,000.”

“I immediately went into shock.”, she added. 

While she said she has no idea of what she wants to spend the money on just yet, she added that, when she figures it out, “it will definitely be on something rewarding and worthwhile,” hinting she might buy a home.

The winner also praised the casino, saying “no other casino has ever been this exceptional” to her like Tipico. 

She explained that she decided to try out online casino games because her luck at brick-and-mortar casinos “hasn’t been so great.”

Accordingly, she decided to give online gaming a chance and try her luck there, and it paid off. 

The player also advised fellow gamblers to “never spend money that’s necessary for survival” on casinos, namely, money “meant for bills or necessities.”

She finally advised players who have extra money to spend to try their luck in a responsible manner. 

Tipico Casino Continues to Attract Women to Online Gaming

In the continuous online gaming expansion race in the US, sports betting undoubtedly reigns over iGaming. 

Nonetheless, online casino brands continue to make massive strides in the context of new states getting ready to slowly legalize online gaming.

Tipico Casino has prepared for this growth with a special differentiation strategy that should help it stick its head out from its numerous homogeneous competitors. 

The brand’s growth strategy is based on purposefully attracting more women to their online gambling app.

The decision came as a consequence of women’s interests being unaddressed in the industry. 

The company decided to embrace a series of significant content and design changes that would draw in a broader audience, with special emphasis on women players. 

The strategy was initiated with the full relaunch of its online casino platform in the fall of 2023.

The recent life-changing win scored by the woman in New Jersey proves that Tipico’s differentiation strategy is paying off. 

Last December, New Yorker Pedro Montanez won $225,470 with a $90 bet he placed on the Land O’ Loot LuckyTap game at the Tipico Casino in New Jersey.

During the same month, Tipico Sportsbook became the latest operator in the US to partner up with ProhiBet to elevate the integrity of its sports betting business. 

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