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Tipico Sportsbook Strengthens Integrity with ProhiBet

ProhiBet continues to sign up new partners in the United States as the company seeks to help elevate the integrity of sports and sports betting businesses

Tipico Sportsbook has become the latest operator in the United States to partner up with ProhiBet, a company set up as a joint venture as US Integrity and Odds On Compliance, a historic alliance. The company will integrate its advanced services into the Tipico platform and sportsbook offer and ensure that student-athletes, coaches, and staff are not engaging in unauthorized and reckless gambling across the United States.

Tipico Becomes Latest Sportsbook to Deploy ProhiBet’s Powerful Solution

The partnership seeks to further enhance the integrity of sports at a time when sports betting has become an overwhelmingly popular and accessible product owing to dozens of states regulating it, along with the District of Columbia.

Commenting on this opportunity, Tipico Sportsbook CEO Adrian Vella said that the company he represented was fully involved with maintaining the integrity of sports in the United States, something that Tipico would continue working on with US Integrity’s help. Vella added:

The addition of ProhiBet will further augment and reinforce Tipico’s commitment to wagering integrity as we exercise careful diligence amid the rapid growth of sports betting in the United States.

Tipico Sportsbook CEO Adrian Vella

ProhiBet managing director Matt Heap was similarly excited about this opportunity. He said that ProhiBet offers a stellar encrypted data transfer system that will ensure that Tipico’s efforts to maintain the fairness of sports in the United States would hit their intended mark.

“[It] will undoubtedly enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of current and future prohibited bettors,” Heap explained. All in all, Tipico will be able to considerably solidify its expertise in ensuring a two-fold approach that will ensure that prohibited bettors are not placing wagers.

ProhiBet Seeks to Strengthen Integrity of US Sports and Leagues

ProhiBet has been successfully deployed not just by sportsbooks only. The solution was sought out by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which faced a lot of criticism over bucking the example set by other prominent leagues in the United States, and allowed a considerable volume of gambling to take place on its watch.

Regardless, the new direction set out by leagues and sportsbooks is enough to indicate that there are a lot of efforts being made to ensure compliance from all parties involved. The issue has evolved with the NCAA now becoming more advanced, with organizations also looking to protect their team members and athletes from online abuse.


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