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Jersey Cash 5 Winner Says He Will Pay off Debts and Buy a Truck

While Dustin is thrilled about the prize, he admitted that he is a bit disappointed he has to share it with two other people

Jackpocket, America’s leading lottery app, announced that three winners in New Jersey recently shared the $533,000 Jersey Cash 5 prize. As a result, each of the lucky players will get $177,685 back home. Two of these players had purchased their tickets via Jackpocket.

Loyalty Rewarded

Jackpocket interviewed Dustin, one of the winners, asking him how he felt. The winner thus provided some insights into his journey to the prize.

Dustin told the lottery app that he had purchased the Quick Pick ticket for the October 2 drawing just as the Powerball jackpot neared $1 billion. The player revealed that he would sometimes play Powerball or Mega Millions for the social aspect but usually prefers Cash 5.

Loyal to his preferences, Dustin went on Jackpocket, spending $20 on a number of tickets. His loyalty was quickly rewarded as he became one of the three Jersey Cash 5 winners.

Dustin learned that he had won the prize in the morning on October 3. At first, he almost couldn’t believe it.

A little confetti thing popped up and I was like, ‘Big win. What is that?’ I was in shock. I’ve had dreams where I’ve won the lotto before, so I was like, ‘This can’t be real.’ It took a while to sink in.


Dustin Will Pay Off His Debts

Jackpocket asked Dustin about his plans for the money. To that, the player quickly responded that he was going to pay off his debts. Dustin revealed that he hasn’t truly been debt-free since he was 18.

In addition, the lucky New Jerseyan said that he is likely to buy a new truck. He explained that his current one is too small for him and his family, with his two kids barely fitting in the backseat. Therefore, a big full-size vehicle is on the top of Dustin’s shopping list.

While Dustin is thrilled about the prize, he admitted that he is a bit disappointed he has to share it with two other people. Laughing, he said:

I have to say I’m a little disappointed. The one time I win the lotto, I have to share it.


Jersey Cash 5, as the name implies, is a game exclusively available to customers in the state. The game, available on Jackpocket, sports daily drawings and a rolling jackpot and provides customers with opportunities to win huge prizes.

Last month, a Jackpocket player won a $5,750,000 Lucky for Life prize.


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