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Jeremie Kanter Joins ComplianceOne Group

Jeremie Kanter has joined ComplianceOne Group’s board and has been selected to lead Diligence in Gaming as its VP of regulatory and internal audit

ComplianceOne Group, the leading compliance provider group for the iGaming industry, has designated Jeremie Kanter as the new vice president of regulatory and internal audit of its Diligence in Gaming division. In this role, Kanter will lead the company’s operational compliance arm.

Kanter Will Lead the Diligence in Gaming Division

ComplianceOne Group has welcomed Jeremie Kanter to its board of directors. As announced by the group, Kanter will also head up the Diligence in Gaming Division, ComplianceOne’s regulatory and operational compliance arm.

The division which Kanter will lead is responsible for supporting the group’s operator partners by helping them navigate the complex regulatory landscape. The group encompasses major compliance brands that are renowned for their expertise in regulatory matters. Other than Diligence in Gaming, these include brands such as Complitech, DataVault One and Maxima Compliance.

Kanter is no stranger to compliance, having previously occupied major compliance-related roles at some of the best-known companies in the sector. Prior to joining ComplianceOne Group, he served as the group compliance director of William Hill (now owned by 888). Earlier, he worked as the chief compliance officer at Tech4S Group.

Other notable positions Kanter held include a short stint as a senior compliance consultant at PokerStars and a tenure as SBTech’s chief compliance officer. He also boasts over a decade of service to Playtech, a leading gambling tech company.

Compliance Is Increasingly Important

Antonio Zanghi, the chief executive officer of ComplianceOne Group, welcomed the new hire to the company. Zanghi noted that compliance expertise is crucial in the current gambling ecosystem. Luckily, the CEO noted, Kanter has the exact skill set needed by the group.

In a sector where world-class regulatory compliance know-how is often hard to find, Jeremie brings unparalleled experience working with some of the biggest brands in the space.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO, ComplianceOne Group

Zanghi concluded that the Diligence in Gaming division could not be in safer hands with Kanter on board.

Kanter also spoke about his appointment. He lauded ComplianceOne Group as the very first company that is able to provide gaming businesses with everything they might need to remain compliant with the various regulations in the markets where they operate.

Kanter concluded that the compliance field is always evolving, which is why workers should remain flexible and adaptive.

This is a field that’s always evolving, and we’re now the only operation with both the team and scale to provide partners with 360-degree support.

Jeremie Kanter, VP regulatory and internal audit, Diligence in Gaming

A few weeks ago, ComplianceOne unveiled RecruitCompliance, a new arm that will focus on providing gaming companies with the compliance workers they need.


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