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ComplianceOne Group Unveils RecruitCompliance Arm

RecruitCompliance is ComplianceOne’s new arm that will leverage its parent company’s expertise to help iGaming operators find the compliance workers they need

ComplianceOne Group, a company helping iGaming operators navigate the complex regulatory landscape, has launched a new subsidiary that will be focused on covering its clients’ recruitment needs. The so-called RecruitCompliance arm will help iGaming businesses find new members for their teams.

RecruitCompliance Will Solve the Need for Compliance Workers

RecruitCompliance will serve as a recruitment firm that helps companies expand their workforce with compliance workers. Its creation comes amid increased concerns about the lack of manpower within the iGaming sector and the exhaustion of some of the major recruitment pools. RecruitCompliance will therefore provide iGaming operators find the tech and compliance workers they need to complete their teams.

Since RecruitCompliance’s parent company, ComplianceOne Group, is an expert in providing regulatory help to iGaming brands, the new entity is certain that it will be able to provide its clients with the support they need. RecruitCompliance will utilize ComplianceOne’s existing expertise to take care of the recruitment processes for compliance workers.

RecruitCompliance will leverage innovative tech to make sure its partners get only the best workers. For example, the company will use psychometric testing and AI algorithms to check the personalities of employees and see if they are suitable for a role.

One of the benefits of the new recruitment program is that payment for placements is spread over a 12-month term. This way, if a worker quits before an entire year has elapsed, costs will be reduced.

What Makes RecruitCompliance Different Is Its Understanding of Compliance

The newly-founded entity will be led by Danielle Nason, the head of human resources and talent at ComplianceOne Group. She will serve as the new subsidiary’s vice president of operations and will leverage her own recruitment experience when overseeing the operations.

Nason spoke about the launch of the new recruitment arm, saying that she feels honored to lead RecruitCompliance. She noted that this is an exciting opportunity for her and one that will allow her to “raise the bar” for iGaming compliance recruitment.

RecruitCompliance’s VP of operations said that, unfortunately, the compliance area has been underserved for a long time. However, she is looking forward to changing that and delivering top-tier talent to RecruitCompliance’s future partners.

Meanwhile, Antonio Zanghi, the chief executive officer of ComplianceOne Group, said that many companies are still struggling to find the compliance talent they need to evolve. He noted that many iGaming recruitment agencies are often suboptimal as they lack the compliance expertise needed to identify who the best workers are.

On the contrary, ComplianceOne has vast experience in the sector and therefore expects its RecruitCompliance arm to provide its partners with the hires they need.


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