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Jeff Molina Suspended in Nevada as UFC Wagering Scandal Rages On

The Nevada State Athletic Commission recently suspended MMA fighter, Jeff Molina. The athlete is connected to coach James Krause and the surrounding gambling controversy which shook the UFC

UFC fighter Jeff Molina received a temporary suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Although not officially disclosed, the reason for that decision is likely related to Molina’s association with controversial coach James Krause who is still under investigation for his suspicious betting activities. The NSAC will review the case in an upcoming meeting, revealing more details regarding the suspension.

UFC Wagering Continues to Spark Controversy

Jeff Molina is a long-time protege of 36-year-old MMA fighting veteran and coach James Krause, who recently got tangled up in an explosive, gambling-related scandal. Krause allegedly engaged in insider betting, an accusation supported by his boisterous claims. The UFC quickly took action, launching an official investigation and suspending Krause’s license until its completion.

Several gambling regulators also took notice as UFC betting got banned in Alberta and Ontario. Although Alberta eventually lifted the restriction, the incident’s fallout continues to spill through the industry. The UFC officially threatened to ban fighters who continued associating with Krause, apparently impacting one more of his trainees.

More Information Should be Soon Follow

On 3 December, just one day after the Championship denounced Krause, Jeff Molina, the UFC’s No. 14 ranked bantamweight, withdrew from his upcoming duel with Jimmy Flick. A recent update to his official profile displayed his status as “serving a suspension” as per the decision of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The NSAC has not yet provided a concrete reason for Molina’s suspension, with insider sources sharing that it is listed as “unspecified” in the official documentation. The Commission will hold a meeting after the holidays, where members will discuss the case, hopefully revealing the actual cause for the suspension.

Molina Has Close Ties to Krause’s Gambling Group

Although Molina may appear no different than the rest of Krause’s pupils, his connection to the controversial coach is more involved than the rest. The young fighter appeared in Krause’s gambling podcast, participated in his betting-focused Discord server, and is an avid sports betting fan. His Twitter bio described him as an “MMA gambling degenerate,” although it has since been edited.

The NSAC suspension may disrupt Molina’s winning streak. He is currently 3-0 in the UFC and ranks among the most promising young fighters. NSAC officials refused to share any additional information until their January meeting, and Molina likewise did not respond to questions regarding the situation.

With so many details remaining uncertain, any conclusions should wait until the NSAC releases additional information. However, suspending a fighter’s license is not a step to be taken lightly, indicating their decision is likely motivated by more than just speculation. The Commission’s actions also reflect the broader shift in opinion regarding gambling in the MMA world as sports integrity concerns come to the forefront.


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